Smoke Extract Fans

Certified Smoke Extract Fans

Systemair offers a wide range of smoke extract fans. These fans can be used for smoke ventilation of stairwells, lift shafts and other building parts to extract smoke and heat.

Our range of smoke extraction fans includes a variety of options to ensure flexibility for any installation. We have categorised our smoke extraction fans into roof fans, axial fans, jet fans and centrifugal fans.

We offer models that are certified for different temperatures and times. Our DVV roof-mounted smoke extraction fans are available for 400°C/120 min or 600°C/120 min. At the same time, the series can handle continuous temperatures of up to 120°C.

Another option is our MUB/F, our high-performance smoke extraction fan for tough working conditions. This fan is built into the duct and is designed to be installed in any position indoors or outdoors. It is available in several sizes and wheel diameters and is tested to 400°C/120 min.

The DVG smoke exhaust fan ensures versatile and durable smoke and heat extraction as well as normal ventilation. It is tested to 400°C/120 min. and is available with both EC and AC motors. In addition, the DVG fan is available in a wide range of sizes and with different numbers of motor poles to suit your needs.

AXC(F) smoke extract fans are axial fans for smoke extraction certified to 400°C/120 min. These fans can be configured in our axial fan configurator, based on requirements for air volume, pressure loss, motor classification and much more.

For car park ventilation, our AJ jet fans are offered in both standard and certified models for effective smoke extraction, both 300 °C/120 min, 400 °C/120 min and 400 °C/120 min.

In addition to providing efficient smoke ventilation, our smoke extract fans can also be used for comfort ventilation. The maximum operating temperature for continuous operation can be found on the product page for each fan.

In our webshop, you will also find various accessories for smoke extraction fans. These include roof sockets, frequency converters, dampers and silencers.

Technical data about smoke extraction fans

All technical data is included on the product page of each smoke extract fan, including nominal data, sound data, enclosure class, dimensions, weight, and more. In addition, Ecodesign data for each smoke extraction fan is included. The "Documents" section on each product page includes among others relevant installation instructions and certificates.