Cooker Hoods

Systemair has a full range of cooker hoods suitable for different ventilation applications, including exclusively designed cooker hoods for SAVE ventilation units, extract fans or central ventilation units.

Cooker Hoods

At Systemair, we have a complete range of products for residential ventilation systems, including hoods, to suit different applications. We offer exclusively designed hoods for SAVE units, exhaust air fans or central ventilation units.

A cooker hood is specially designed to create a negative pressure that extracts the dirty air from the kitchen, including grease and vapour.

We offer a wide range of hoods in elegant and stylish designs to suit different types of installations - including Opal stainless steel wall-mounted hoods, compact hoods with adjustable dampers or pull-out hoods.

All our hoods come with efficient air extraction - no matter which type of hood you prefer.

Healthy indoor climate with an efficient cooker hood

A cooker hood is designed to effectively remove vapours, grease and odours associated with cooking, which helps to improve the air quality in the kitchen. In addition, the cooker hood helps to control the humidity levels in the kitchen. Among other things, this can help prevent mould growth and preserve the materials in the kitchen.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can I install a cooker hood myself?

Yes, it is possible to install a cooker hood by yourself, as long as it has a plug and you can connect the hood without any tools.

The legality of recirculating cooker hoods varies depending on the type of building you live in. A recirculating cooker hood is generally not permitted in new builds, as sufficient replacement air and exhaust to the outside must be ensured.

Which cooker hood should I choose?

Which cooker hood to choose varies depending on your needs. You should choose the hood that best suits your kitchen's layout, hob size and preferred style.

There are many types of cooker hoods to choose from, depending on whether the hood will be wall- or ceiling-mounted.

What to look for when buying a cooker hood?

The different types of cooker hoods on the market can be divided into two categories; hoods with exhaust to the outside and hoods with recirculation.

In addition, cooker hoods are available in free-hanging, wall-mounted, cabinet-integrated and table-top models. Cooker hoods are also available with different types of filters, such as carbon filters or stainless steel wire filters.

When choosing a cooker hood, it's important to consider what your needs are and whether there are specific requirements for the hood in relation to the type of building. New buildings need a cooker hood with an outlet to the outside, and in addition, regulations in new buildings often require an extraction rate of 20 l/s in the kitchen.