International Sales

Our Group Export Department represents a harmonised effort among all Systemair entities, dedicated to ensuring a seamless customer experience by harnessing the strengths and capabilities of our diverse organisational entities across different regions worldwide.

With customer satisfaction as our central focus, we support product selection, oversee logistics, deliver comprehensive customer support, ensure regulatory compliance, and address many other essential factors crucial for successful international trade operations.

Uniting organisational strengths across borders to deliver excellence in ventilation product solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction globally.

Olle Glassel
Olle Glassel
VP Sales

What does our Export Department do?

Our Export Department is here for you to support you with international sales inquiries. We offer:

Single point of contact

We are your gateway into Systemair Group.

Access to our full product portfolio

We guide you in finding the right product solutions from our extensive product portfolio and selection tools.

By your side!

We are by your side, from concept to completion. We pride ourselves in our outstanding customer support including all relevant marketing material to support sales in your local markets.

Responsible Enterprise

We operate in accordance with highest ethical standards. Taking a collective approach, and responsibility for keeping our promises is a high priority for us at Systemair.

We will be your most efficient and helpful partner in mastering your indoor air quality challenges.

Meet the Team

Systemair Group Export Department

We have a team of internationally located professionals who are ready to help you reach your Export/Sales goals, every step of the way. Fill out our form below, to contact the Regional Manager closest to you.

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We offer a wide range of services including product selection, order handling, compliance documentation and transport bookings. Fill out the form below and we will contact you to support you, every step of the way.

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