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Data Centre cooling solutions

Safe, energy-efficient cooling systems, delivering high profitability with maximum uptime

  • Small- to Large-scale Data Centres

  • Server Rooms

Cooling: Mission-critical for data centres and server rooms

As global demand for online processes and data transmission skyrockets, the need for building more and more energy-efficient data centres increases.

At Systemair, we offer a range of reliable, highly energy-efficient cooling solutions that work at their best all year round with minimal impact on the environment. So you can confidently meet local, national and international energy efficiency standards without compromising the performance of your data centre.

Precise and reliable operations

Maximum energy efficiency

Easy maintenance and installation

Long-term sustainability

Why choose Systemair?

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Focus on energy efficiency

Systemair strives constantly to reduce the burden on the environment from our products.

We do this by developing energy-efficient products, by reducing our consumption of resources and by taking a life-cycle approach to product design. Staying at the forefront of the use of smart manufacturing technology is a constant, ongoing process.

With more than 200 R&D engineers in 10 technical centres around the world, Systemair offers a wide range of robust and reliable products for all kinds and sizes of data centres – even for those in the most challenging climatic regions. Our products are being developed according to the latest standards and precisely tested.

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Ultimate flexibility to meet every need

Systemair’s cooling products come with multiple configuration options that allow for high customization, so you can rest assured there is always an optimal way to cool your data centre, including:

  • Solutions for limited space

  • Lego principle for cooling in high-density spaces

  • Options for extreme climate

For projects with specific requirements that can not be met with standard products, Systemair engineers develop optimal tailor-made solutions together with our customers, taking into consideration all the particular needs.

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Pre-tested to ensure performance

Accurate and stable performance of the cooling units is extremely important for data centre facilities.

In Systemair Testing facility “365 Performance Centre” our customers can see units performing under simulated conditions.

Thanks to a wide capacity range of the testing equipment, our units can be fully tested under data centre heat load and even the most challenging ambient conditions, including:

  • Real server rack simulation up to 500kW load.

  • Outdoor air test conditions from -5 °C to +45 °C.

  • Controls and alarm simulation testing.

The Test Centre is AMCA210 accredited for airflows from 5,000 m³/h to 100,000 m³/h. All measurement techniques used are conducted in accordance with ASHRAE I43-2015.

365 Performance Centre

Geniox Tera Indirect Free-cooling units

Geniox Tera is designed to meet high requirements for sustainable cooling that is achieved by the usage of outdoor air and the natural cooling effect of the water evaporation process.

Considering ASHRAE’s regulations for IT equipment, Geniox Tera units can Free-cool all year round in most European locations. In really hot regions, free-cooling can be used in combination with a built-in mechanical cooling stage constantly assuring the lowest power consumption and minimal environmental impact.

  • Ultra-efficient free-cooling with no outside air in the data centre.

  • Cooling capacity up to 300 kW.

  • Minimized or eliminated the need for mechanical cooling.

  • Built-in water treatment

  • Wide range of Heat recovery solutions.

Geniox Tera unit

Geniox Tera Direct Flow Units

Geniox Tera Direct Flow Units is an optimal solution for hyperscale data centre cooling applications. With ultimate flexibility, the lowest pPUE figures, and modular designs, they deliver incredible performance in almost any configuration.

  • Ultra-low OPEX

  • Direct free-cooling configuration with a mixing chamber delivers natural free cooling with no mechanical support.

  • Optional heat recovery module

  • Solutions for extremely low outdoor air temperatures.


Geniox Tera Fan Wall units

Systemair’s range of Fan Wall units Geniox Tera F is specially developed to meet the challenges of the large data centre, featuring minimal footprint and low pPUE figures.

The optimised design of the internal layout ensures minimal internal pressure drops, which results in the lowest power consumption of the fans and increased cooling coil efficiency.

  • High flexibility and scalability

  • Cooling capacity up to 500 kW.

  • Low CAPEX and OPEX

  • Easy service

  • Optimal for high power density

  • No raised floor

Close Control Units Systemp

Systemp range has been specifically designed for close control air conditioning where the handling of almost exclusively sensible heat loads is a fundamental requirement.

The typical applications are computer rooms, digital telephone exchanges, switch rooms, weather stations, medical laboratories, CAT and MR scanners, as well as any other application where a sensible heat load must be dissipated without modifying the relative humidity.

The series, which can be either upflow or downflow, offers a large range of accessories and variations in design, allowing for maximum flexibility in the use of the units.

SysTemp P, Close control air conditioning units ideal for data centres
SysTemp P
Close control air conditioning units ideal for data centres

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