Systemair Service

With our start-up package you can minimize potential risks and maximize your units lifetime.

Assembly on site

We ensure that our products are delivered to you safely and carefully tested for resilient and reliable performance over the lifetime of your device. Due to our many years of experience, we can perfectly judge the risks involved. As you may expect from us, we continuously update ourselves with the latest technologies ensuring that the assembly on site is performed with the utmost efficiency.

Did you know that most defects in a product occur during commissioning? Rely on our expertise to guarantee a successful start while effectively managing hazards.


Time pressures during construction often mean that building services systems are not properly commissioned and so never give optimum performance. The best option is to engage Systemair Service to commission your system at the outset. Alternatively, we can carry out retrospective commissioning. The result will be a plant that operates to design specification and is fully able to meet the demands of the end user.

All benefits at a glance



verification and testing

lifecycle approach

risk minimisation

energy efficiency