Systemair Service

In today’s fast-paced world of Heating/Cooling equipment, reliability is critical to business success. We appreciate the manifested trust of our customers in choosing Systemair for reliable HVAC unit repairs.

Knowledgeable Systemair technicians will troubleshoot your equipment using information compiled from experiences with customers around the world.

You can be assured that any HVAC repair services by Systemair technicians will be performed promptly and correctly the first time, allowing you to enjoy greater reliability and reducing the risk of future downtime. Your Systemair technician will look beyond the immediate failure and identify weaknesses or potential areas of unreliability and bring them to your attention. You will receive HVAC unit repair services based on proprietary processes born of Systemair’s expertise as the world’s leading chiller manufacturer.

All benefits at a glance



compared to replacing the unit


of performance


of product lifetime


reduce (electronic) waste