Topvex, exactly what you need!TopvexAir Handling Units

Wide range of compact and standardised air handling units for easy installation and fast delivery.


Selection, installation and intuitive control system with wireless communication


Wide range of standardised units with fast delivery


Minimum space required with efficent performance

Topvex FCU
Air Handling Units · Wide range of compact false ceiling units (FCU) with wireless communication.
  • Airflow range: 400 up to 3,000 m³/h

  • High energy efficiency and space-saving design

  • Easy access to filters for simple maintenance

Topvex FSU
Air Handling Units · Wide range of compact floor standing units (FSU) with complete control system.
  • Airflow range: 360 up to 9,500 m³/h

  • High energy efficiency and space-saving design

  • Rotary, Counterflow and outdoor version.

We understand your challenges

High energy efficiency, space-saving designs, and a wide standard range ensure the consultant can meet the project specifications. A powerful selection tool and project specific documentation make the job even easier.

For the installer, Topvex AHU’s are easy to buy and transport, with short lead times and plug-and-play installation. Configuration Wizard ensures easy start-up.

Low overall operating costs, reliable operation and minimum maintenance mean peace-of-mind for the building owner or manager.

Your ventilation project starts with our selection tool

Systemair’s configurator for Topvex

Select and configure your Topvex unit with a few simple commands in our web based Topvex configurator.

Using the downloadable Systemair Topvex plugin, installed on your computer, you can easily export the BIM model you get from the configurator to your CAD program. You get all the data from the calculation, such as airflow, precise dimensions, sound data, and more. 

With our plugin you can easily access the configurator directly from your CAD program - with a single click via the Systemair icon. 

The Systemair configurator at a glance 

  • Select, design and configure your air handling units easily. 

  • Transfer the BIM data through the plugin for Revit, AutoCAD and MagiCAD. 

  • Create and download all relevant documentation. 

Our plugin is available for Revit, AutoCAD and MagiCAD and can be downloaded from our website.

  1. Configure a suitable unit and export it to your BIM model. If parameters, such as airflow, change during the project, the CAD program will detect it. 

  2. A dialogue box will then open asking you to recalculate the unit. Click OK in the dialogue box and the configurator will reopen to perform a new calculation with the new airflow. 

  3. Send the result back to the CAD program and you have correct data for the unit in your BIM model again. 

Topvex in a nutshell

Key features

Topvex air handling units stem from our ambition to provide an integrated solution that is easy to configure to suit customer needs, while ensuring easy installation and fast delivery.

High-performance casing: Durable MgZn casing with C5 corrosion resistance

Panels with 50 mm insulation

Heat exchangers with low pressure drop and high heat recovery >80%

Factory tested

Now available with cooling and heating possibilities: Systemair Fusion

Systemair Access Control System

Wireless communication

Topvex series comes with Systemair Access, which enables wireless communication. This comprehensive control system for air handling units makes use of advanced technology in an easily accessible manner.

Systemair Access empowers the operator to optimise ventilation performance and create an ideal indoor climate. By using the air handling unit more efficiently, you can reduce energy consumption and save money. It provides intuitive, easy-to-navigate menus that help you achieve the desired indoor climate.

Experience the Topvex range in 3D

The 3D application lets you choose Topvex floor-standing units, and simulate different ventilation situations.