Sense a healthy and comfortable learning environment in your classroomSense Air Handling Units

Keep the fresh air flowing in busy indoor spaces while saving precious floor space.

  • Designed for under-ceiling air blow by using the Coanda effect, allowing an effective fresh air supply throughout the entire space.

  • Silent operation, easy to operate and maintain.

  • Comes with EC motor rotors, an aluminum counterflow heat exchanger (SNX) or aluminum enthalpy counterflow heat exchanger (SNH), and an integrated control system.

  • Easy to install in both new and existing buildings.

Render Sense1 102
Render Sense1 102

Continuous fresh air

Coming with energy-efficient EC motors, adjustable air blow direction, and excellent filtration, Sense units quickly distribute fresh air through indoor spaces.

Silent and discreet

Sense AHUs are an excellent fit for applications where quiet operations are needed and space is limited, but fresh air is important – such as schools and offices.

Simple controls

Each Sense air handling unit comes with built-in controls and HMI touch display so you can easily set operating parameters or select from preset functions. Operation is also possible by app or the cloud.

Sense AHU size comparision

Multiple sizes to fit your spaces

Sense AHUs come in two different sizes to help keep the air well-ventilated depending on the size of your indoor space and the number of people who will be using them.