Roof Fans

Designed to meet the most challenging weather and indoor climate conditions, every Systemair Roof Fan comes equipped with circular or square connections and highly efficient AC or EC motors for quiet – or even silent – performance.

Roof Fans

Roof Fans

As the name suggests, roof fans are a type of fan that is placed on the roof of a building. Roof fans are especially used in industrial ventilation solutions as they are very effective at removing gas, vapour or air.

However, roof fans can also be used for residential ventilation in both apartment blocks and detached houses, where they can also be used for chimney extraction. In addition, they are suitable for ventilation systems for both educational institutions and commercial buildings.

We also supply the necessary accessories for your roof fans, such as roof sockets, silencers, thermostats and dampers.

Our roof fans are often used in ventilation systems, where they can be combined with our wide range of air distribution products.

Systemair's range of Roof Fans

At Systemair, you'll find a wide range of roof fans for every purpose. For example, if you are looking for a roof fan for smoke extraction, our DVG roof fan is an obvious choice. If you need a durable, explosion-proof roof fan, our ATEX-certified DVV-EX fan is what you need.

Our range of roof fans also includes smaller fans, such as our TFS roof fan, which is ideal for warehouses, offices, houses, etc. They come in several sizes and are available with both AC and EC motors for 50 and 60 Hz.

With our TFC, you get a roof fan that can be controlled with an integrated potentiometer or with various demand control options, such as pressure regulation.

Several of our roof fans are also available in both insulated and non-insulated versions. For example, our DVS roof fan is available with 50 mm thermal and acoustic insulation.

If you need a fan for handling draughts, smoke and gas from chimneys, the ZRS roof fan is ideal for the job.

Find the right Roof Fan for your project

Choosing the most suitable roof fan for the job depends on your specific requirements. For example, the requirements for roof fans in a residential building are very different from the requirements of industrial environments.

Another factor to consider is how much air the roof fan must be able to move. Within Systemair's range, you'll find roof fans with a wide range of air volumes.

Use our Fans Product Selector to configure your project's most suitable roof fan. Here you can search for specific airflow, power and external pressure requirements. You can also filter on roof fans for aggressive media and explosion-proof roof fans.

And best of all, you can download all relevant data and documentation before placing your order.