At Systemair we have a wide range of dampers that can be used for different types of ventilation and airflow systems available, including RSK dampers, LRK dampers, ORV dampers and VKM dampers - also known as non-return dampers.

We offer a wide range of both automated and mechanical dampers in elegant and stylish designs to suit different types of installations.

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What is a damper?

Dampers are mechanical devices used to regulate or control the flow of air in several different types of ventilation systems. Dampers are designed to open, close or partially open to adjust the amount of air passing through ducts or pipes.

The purpose of using dampers is to control airflow and manage ventilation in buildings, which is essential for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment - whether in residential or non-residential applications.

Tips on dampers

There are different types of dampers, each designed to be used with specific systems.

At Systemair, we offer a wide range of dampers so you can find the right type for your ventilation system. No matter what type of damper you need, we have it!

Backdraft dampers

If you are looking for backdraft dampers, our VKS damper are suitable for various fans, including DVS/DHS and DVN fans.

A backdraft damper is designed to control airflow in ducts and is equipped with advanced technology that enables automatic operation. This ensures control of the airflow and more energy-efficient operation.

Our backdraft dampers can be used for different types of ventilation systems - including various types of roof fans.

Motorised dampers

Motorised dampers, such as the VKM dampers are used to regulate the airflow automatically using a built-in motor.

This smart feature ensures automatic adjustment of the airflow based on specific requirements. The motorisation of the damper helps maintain constant airflow speeds and ensures more energy efficiency.

Motorised dampers are used for ventilation systems such as DVS/DHS, DVN and DVP fans.

Manual Dampers

The VK damper and RSK damper are manual dampers used for vertical installation in the wall and simple installation in round ducts. Manual dampers are used to regulate the flow of air where the damper can be opened, closed or partially opened.

Manual dampers are used in several different types of ventilation systems, including residential ventilation, commercial ventilation and industrial buildings where it is important to control the airflow.

Frequently asked questions about ventilation dampers

Why is my system noisy?

Over time, fan blades, motors or other important components in the ventilation system can become worn or damaged, which can cause noise. Therefore, it's a good idea to check the components for wear and tear.

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What is a VAV damper?

VAV stands for "Variable Air Volume". VAV dampers allow you to control the air volume in two stages in a specific zone. This way, you can adapt the airflow to an individual room depending on the temperature and CO2 value in this room.

Where should the silencer be placed on the ventilation?

Typically, the silencer should be installed on all connections between the unit and the main duct.

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