Diffusers are available with fixed or adjustable air discharge shapes and airflow resistance. Systemair carries different diffuser shapes to address different scopes and types of installations, including rectangular, circular, linear, and other unique designs. All are available with a selection of high-end finishes, and unique colours can be made available for special orders.

Ventilation diffusers

At Systemair, we offer a wide range of ventilation diffusers, whether you are looking for diffusers with fixed or adjustable air discharge patterns and airflow resistance.

We have different types of diffusers for different applications and types of installations, including rectangular, circular, linear and other unique designs. We have a large selection of both basic, nozzle and swirl diffusers in elegant and stylish designs to suit every need.

The ventilation diffusers can be installed in ceilings, floors and walls, depending on your needs. All diffusers are available with a selection of advanced finishes and unique colours are available on request.

Our ventilation diffusers can be used with several different types of ventilation systems, including duct fans and bathroom fans, among others.

If you are looking for other types of air distribution products, you can explore our range of grilles, including louvres and other air volume control products.

Large selection of ventilation diffusers

At Systemair, we offer a wide range of different ventilation diffusers, such as air supply diffusers, air return diffusers and extraction diffusers.

If you are looking for an air supply diffuser, you can, for example, explore our TSR Basic diffusers, a stylish air supply diffuser suitable for visible installation in either private homes or commercial buildings.

On the other hand, if you are looking for efficient extraction diffusers, explore our TSF Basic diffuser, a steel square extract diffuser. If you prefer a perforated extraction diffuser, we recommend exploring the TSF-F Basic diffuser, a squared perforated extract diffuser suitable for T-bar suspended ceilings.

If you need a ceiling diffuser for air supply and extraction, we recommend exploring our ADQ ceiling diffuser with fixed deflectors.

Whatever your needs, Systemair has a ventilation diffuser to suit your preferences.

Application areas for ventilation diffusers

At Systemair, we offer a wide range of excellent ventilation solutions, including diffusers that are specially designed to suit private homes, commercial buildings, restaurants and many other buildings.

Our diffusers are also suitable for:

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Educational institutions

  • Industry

  • Infrastructure

All our diffusers are designed to provide a comfortable indoor climate with good ventilation, a timeless and simple design and top functionality.

We also offer a wide range of commercial ventilation diffusers to suit every need and type of ventilation system. Take a look at our Geniox air handling unit, which can handle air volumes from 750 to 110,000 m³/h (0.21 - 30.6 m³/s).

Geniox units are suitable for any type of commercial project, are easy to control and ensure minimal energy consumption.

Diffusers for the homes

If you're looking for diffusers for your home, we have a wide range to choose from.

At Systemair, we offer a wide range of excellent residential diffusers that provide a clean and healthy indoor climate for your home all year round - such as the BOR-C residential diffuser for ceiling installation, which ensures low noise levels, or the BOR-R diffuser for wall installation.

No matter what type of diffuser you are looking for in your home, our diffuser ensure superior air quality and low energy consumption.

Also, explore our range of fans and fan accessories.