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Take a walk with us through 50 years of innovation and excellence

Systemair has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1974. From our first invention in a small workshop in Sweden to our present-day operations spanning across 50 countries, 90 partner companies, and over 6500 employees. Yet no matter how far we advance into the future, our innovative spirit and core values have remained the same.

This is our legacy at Systemair. Watch our video or read our story to find out how we became who we are today.

The story of Systemair

For half a century we have been supplying fresh air to the world. Listen to our CEO, Roland Kasper, telling the story of Systemair, from where it all started to how we have become who we are now.


  • In 1974, our first product, the circular in-line centrifugal duct fan was developed and introduced and took off extremely well

  • By the end of the decade, 50% of production was being carried out in a partner facility in Norway


Sweden, Norway


  • Production of Metsovent, the first residential unit with heat recovery, starts in Skinnskatteberg

  • German manufacturer of fan motors Ziehl-Abegg and ebm-papst were suppliers, then became partners through their Swedish subsidiary Ziehl-ebm. Today, ebm-papst AB is Systemair’s second-largest shareholder

  • Acquisition of 50% shares in RB Kanalfläkt, USA

  • Kanalfläkt delivers 50,000 fans for the Eiffel Tower’s 100-year anniversary


Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark and USA


  • Acquisition of Frico AB, a specialist in air curtains and fan heaters

  • Acquisition of Enviroment Air, Canada

  • Acquisition of factory in Bouctouche (Canada) as a production facility for the North American market

  • Representative office established in Moscow, Russia

  • Acquisition of SCIE Systemair, previously sales agent in France. The name was later taken by the whole Group

  • Acquisition of Europair in Södertälje, Sweden manufacturer of air terminal devices. LTI Lüftungstechnik, Windischbuch, Germany, is now the second-largest production unit and central warehouse


Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Canada, France, Russia, and USA


  • New distribution centre established in Skinnskatteberg

  • New production facility established in Lithuania

  • Multiple acquisitions of smaller manufacturers and distributors from Austria to Switzerland to the UK

  • Establishment of sales subsidiaries and companies in Turkey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Belgium, Romania, South Africa, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Spain, and India

  • Systemair awarded the Great Export Award by the Swedish Trade Council

  • Systemair listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm index


Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Canada, France, Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, and India


  • In February 2011, CEO Gerald Engström was awarded H.M. the King's Medal, 12th size with the ribbon of the Order of the Seraphim, for outstanding contributions to Swedish business

  • Systemair, along with Swedish Ventilation companies, put forth a proposal to include an SFP requirement as a first step towards the EU’s Ecodesign Regulations

  • The EU votes to implement its Ecodesign Regulation that adds efficiency requirements to ventilation units, which Systemair helped develop. The final document, COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1253/2014 is created, and Systemair began adapting its product range in November 2014

  • Roland Kasper was appointed as the new CEO of the Systemair Group. At the Annual Meeting, Gerald Engström was elected as new Chairman of the Board

  • The Swedish business was divided into two companies. The company Systemair AB became a streamlined holding company with corporate staff and group functions. The newly formed company Systemair Sverige AB conducts production and sales operations in Sweden

  • Systemair’s residential units are the first on the market to be certified according to Eurovent’s Residential Air Handling Unit (RAHU) certification programme

  • Modern Technical Centre built in Skinnskatteberg, equipped with the newest technology to fulfil the highest quality and efficiency standards

  • Systemair and Panasonic sign a partnership on the development of integrated HVAC solutions. The partnership will focus on integrated and sustainable HVAC solutions for commercial premises and homes

  • Announcement of Systemair’s sponsorship of the Swedish Pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE


Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Canada, France, Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, and India

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