TFC Roof Fans

Bring Scandinavian, energy-efficient quality to tackle your ventilation needs

  • EC-motor with high efficiency throughout the entire fan performance range

  • Safety switch easily accessible on the outside of the casing

  • Demand control - easy to adjust ventilation rate to actual need. Outdoor compensation.

  • Noise reduction thanks to insulated casing

  • Communication via Modbus for P-versions.

High efficient

TFC is a roof fan intended to use for extract air in various residential and commercial buildings. TFC is designed to handle high volumes at medium external pressure. It has a high energy efficient EC-fan which ensures minimal energy consumption during the operation.

Demand control

TFC-S can be steplessly controlled via 0-10 V signal, integrated potentiometer for commissioning.

TFC-P provides possibility of various demand control options: as Variable Air Volume (VAV), pressure control with outdoor compensation as standard and can also easily be converted to Constant Air Volume (CAV).

Easy Maintenance

Integrated safety switch easily accessible on the outside of the casing, and ‘swing out’ functionality of the motor bracket with fix lock makes maintenance easy and straightforward.

Quiet by design

Special designed three-dimensional blade geometry of impeller ensures low acoustic levels for the fan. Internaly insulated casing allows to reduce noise levels for both, discharge and radiated noise.


Casing and base frame is made of galvanized sheet steel and powder coated black (RAL 9005) or red (RAL 8004) to obtain corrosion class C4. Internal surface of casing covered by 21 mm acoustic and thermal insulation made of nonwovens hydrophobic material.

Motor with impeller mounted on 'swing-out' bracket with fix-lock for open position. Control part of the fan including safety switch located in special terminal section protected by lid.


TFC fans use backward curved radial impellers which allows to achieve high volume flow rates, high efficiency, low acoustic power levels due to special three-dimensional blade geometry.

Impellers made from lightweight, hard-wearing fiberglass reinforced polyamide, dynamically balanced and paired with corresponding external rotor motors.


All TFC fans are equipped with high efficient EC external rotor motors surpassing efficiency class IE4, maintenance-free ball bearings (sealed) with long-life lubrication.

Motors are suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz.

Motor protection

All EC motors have integrated electronic thermal protection including reverse polarity and locked-rotor protection, overvoltage detection, motor current limitation and soft-start.


TFC-S are equipped with a potentiometer, installed in the terminal section. The speed can be easily adjusted according to the required working point. Control by external signal 0-10V is also possible.

TFC-P with integrated pressure regulator unit for constant pressure control (VAV) or constant volume control (CAV). TFC-P are also equipped with ModBus communication 


The TFC fans are designed for outside installation on the roof in horizontal position.

We recommend to install the fan together with a roof curb (available as an accessory).