MUB/FInsulated duct fans

High-performing smoke extract fans for harsh working conditions in the event of a fire.

  • 400°C/120 min (F400): Tested according to EN 12101-3 at LGAI Barcelona.

  • Continuous medium temperature up to 55°C.

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation 20 mm

  • Indoor and outdoor installation

  • Flexible airflow direction due to removable panels

Powerful smoke extraction

The smoke extract units MUB/F are used in case of fire to extract smoke gases and also during normal working conditions for standard temperature up to 55°C continuously.


The MUB/F fans are intended to use for extract air, designed to be installed in any position.

The MUB/F fans are designed for straight through airflow but can easily be rebuilt due to removable panels. Construction of casing and thermal insulation permits outdoor and indoor use.

Hard-wearing design

The casing consists of a frame, manufactured from profiled steel, 4 double skin panels from galvanized steel and 20 mm mineral wool insulation inside.


High performed impeller covering the most modern technology.

Systemair Accessories – the perfect match!

Save time in design and installation while ensuring the most optimal ventilation solutions for your project.

Featured accessories for your MUB/F-fan

Vibration pad set for air handling units
Service-switch for single, 3-phase or multispeed-motors
for energy-efficient control of motors


The casing consists of a steel frame, manufactured from profiled steel, 4 double skin panels from galvanized steel and 20 mm mineral wool insulation inside.

The fan inlet side is equipped with an inlet cone and a circular connection spigot with rubber sealings.

The fan outlet panel, which can easily be changed at site from straight through air direction to top or side outlet, is equipped with a circular connection spigot, same connection diameter as on the fan inlet.


The MUB/F fans use radial impeller with backward curved blades. These are manufactured out of galvanized steel, dynamically balanced and paired with corresponding IEC motors with efficiency IE3.


High temperature motors for temperature classification F400 (400°C/120 min). Available as single-speed or two-speed.

Motor protection

Motor protection can be realized by the over current device from the frequency converter, for example.


The motor can be controlled by AES control unit or frequency converter.


The MUB/F fans can be installed in any position indoor and with weather protection roof also outdoor.