Insulated duct fans

Insulated duct fans

Insulated Duct Fans

Systemair offers a wide range of insulated duct fans, a type of fan that is ideal for optimising a healthy indoor climate in schools, offices, homes, etc. Duct fans are most commonly used for air extraction and typically have a soundproof housing.

Among our duct fans, are our MUB fans, which are available in several series that are suitable for different applications. Our ATEX-certified MUB-EX can be used in critical environments where explosive atmospheres may occur. The MUB/T is suitable for air extraction in kitchens and industrial environments, while the MUB/F delivers highly efficient smoke extraction. Then we also offer our regular MUB fan, an efficient insulated duct fan available in a wide variety of sizes and wheel diameters, and with both with AC and EC motors.

KVK is another series of insulated duct fans in our range. It includes KVK Basic, which is a classic high-insulation fan with an AC motor for circular ducts, available in sizes from 125-250 mm.

The KVK is an insulated duct fan with a radial impeller and is available as Silent and Slim models, both of which are available with both AC and EC motors and for duct diameters of 100-500 mm.

In our range also includes various accessories for duct fans, such as filter casettes, grilles, silencers and frequency converters. In ventilation systems, duct fans are often used together with various air distribution products to optimise the indoor climate. Duct fans are primarily used in ventilation systems with low to medium pressure. They are used in combination with ventilation components such as dampers, heating and cooling batteries and filters.

Benefits of insulated duct fans

There are several reasons to choose a duct fan over a regular fan. When you build the fan into the duct, as you do with insulated duct fans, minimal noise is transmitted to the room. This is also because the duct fan is most often installed in the attic or a skunk.

In addition, duct fans are more efficient than regular fans and have a higher output. This means that a better exhaust is achieved when using duct fans.

Find the right duct fan for your project

With our wide range of insulated duct fans, you can always find one that meets your requirements and needs. Use Systemair's Fans Product Selector to help you configure the most suitable insulated duct fan for your project. Here you can find the Systemair duct fan that suits your needs based on factors such as air volume, application area and preferred control.