KVK Basic Insulated duct fans

Classic high-insulated fan for circular ducts

  • Compact design

  • Low noise level, acoustic and thermal insulation

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Easy maintenance, service cover


The KVK fans combine high performance centrifugal fan and casing with good acoustic and thermal insulation capacity. The KVK fans are intended to use for supply or extract air, designed to be installed in any position. This ensures that the fans can be used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications.


Construction of casing and thermal insulation recommends indoor use. The combination of reliable casing and motor construction ensures to minimize the need for maintenance of the fans and allows long continuous operation. Thanks to service lid fan is easy to clean.


High performance radial impeller together with efficient external rotor motor are designed to ensure high-level performance and maximum efficiency.

Low sound level

Fully insulated casing and cover is perfectly designed to reduce noise mainly to surrounding and partly to inlet/outlet.


Casing of all KVK fans made of glavanized sheet steel, corrosion class C3.

KVK has acoustically/thermally insulated lid and casing. Insulation made of 50 mm rockwool and has surface liner that prevents the migration of fibers into the airstream.  

Casing has connection spigot is with rubber seals and equipped with an external terminal box with protection class IP54.


Size 125-160 use single-inlet radial fan with forward curved impellers. These are made of lightweight PP, dynamically balanced and paired with corresponding external rotor motors.

Size 200-250 use double-inlet radial fan with forward curved impellers. These are from lightweight, sheet metal, dynamically balanced and paired with corresponding external rotor motors.


KVK fans are equipped with AC external rotor motor. All motors are suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz.

Motor protection

Sizes 125-160 with AC motors have integrated thermal protection with manual (electrical) reset.

Sizes 200-250 with AC motors have prewired integral thermocontact TK with leads to external motor protection device.


AC motor can be controlled by 5-step or stepless speed regulator.

Fans can be demand controlled via additional accessories like sensors and controllers for CO2, temperature, humidity, presence indication and VAV.


KVK fans can be installed in any position indoor. Circular spigot with rubber seals is perfectly designed to connect to the duct by using fast clamps preventing vibration to the duct. A service cover with screw connection makes cleaning and service easy. The arrow on the name plate shows the direction of the airflow.