Systemair accessories – the perfect match!

Looking for the perfect match? Look no further! By using original Systemair accessories, you can save time in design and installation while ensuring the most optimal ventilation solutions for your project.

Whether you are an installer, contractor or end-user, you can get the most out of your ventilation system for longer by using original Systemair accessories. You’re guaranteed a better fit and functionality while preventing technical issues and ensuring a longer operational lifespan.

Benefits of using original Systemair accessories

Save valuable time and costs 

When you choose to add the recommended accessories to your product, you'll have fewer orders and deliveries to keep track of. You will experience reduced delivery costs and gain a clearer overview of your project.

Long-term performance

Original accessories help prevent technical issues, optimise the performance of your overall ventilation solutions and maximise the potential for energy saving.

Guaranteed fit and quality

Original accessories are quality tested according to Systemair’s high standards and come with guaranteed functionalities and a perfect fit.

Easy selection

Original accessories can be easily incorporated into the project design through a simplified selection process on the Systemair website.

Reduced installation time

Choosing original accessories ensures the easiest and fastest installation, as it guarantees that they are a 100% fit for the products and reduce any potential risk of mistakes that may come with using other accessories.

Centralised support

Units with original accessories mean customers can rest assured they will receive the centralised support and optimised logistics from Systemair as they do with the rest of their products to address any concerns or troubleshooting.

Custom-fit and perfectly co-ordinated!

FK - Fast clamp for circular duct fans and accessories

  • Airtight connection

  • Vibration and noise damping 

  • Robust casing provides a long life-time

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Circular duct fan

  • Available with AC and EC motors

  • Indoor and outdoor installation

  • Reliable and airtight

  • Mounting bracket included

  • Noise and energy optimized impeller

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FGR/FFR Filter cassette

  • easy to install to circular ducts

  • robust and airtight construction

  • premounted pressure ports

  • easy filter change

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LDC Silencer

  • Easy to fit in circular ducts 

  • Effective noise reduction 

  • Compliant

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EC Basic controller

  • Speed control

  • Temperature control

  • CO2 control

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TUNE-R Control and shut-off damper

  • Manual or motorised 

  • Steel construction 

  • Flame retardant 

  • External insulation

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CB Electrical duct heater

  • Compact design

  • Horizontal or vertical installation 

  • Spigot connection

  • Double overheating protection

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Full-service hub

Systemair offers an extensive range of products and accessories, ensuring we have what you need to get the most out of the ventilation solutions in your projects. There are many ways you can choose the perfect match for your project.

Featured accessories

Controller series with 0-10V analog output signal
Mounting clamps for circular duct
Bag filter cassette for circular ducts