Bag filter cassette for circular ducts

  • Easy installation to circular ducts

  • Rubber-sealed connections 

  • Various class filters available as option

  • Locks with toggle fasteners

  • Premounted pressure ports

Filter cassette for circular ducts

The FFR filter cassette is designed to be easily installed to circular ducts in any position. Used together with bag filters of the various filter classes. 

Robust construction

The FFR filter cassette has a robust construction. The cassette housing is manufactured from galvanised sheet steel with rubber-sealed circular spigots.

Ready for pressure measurement

The FFR filter cassette is fitted with premounted pressure ports for connecting to a pressure sensor/pressure relay. 

Easy filter change

The FFR filter cassette has a cover that is equipped by locks with toggle fasteners. This makes it easy to replace the filter. 

Application: Bag type filters cassettes FFR are applied for supply and extract air purification in circular duct ventilation systems. Designed to clean supply air and can be used as main purification filter or as first stage purification filter before more efficient filters.

Design: The casing is made of galvanized sheet steel. The filter cassette has rubber-sealed circular spigots for airtight connection to the air ducts. The removable access cover equipped by locks with toggle fasteners to provide easy and quick access to the filter during maintenace.

Filter: The FFR filter cassette is available in different sizes and designed for use with bag filters of various classes: Coarse 50%(G3), Coarse 70%(M5), ePM1 60% (F7) (according to ISO 16890 / EN 779). All filters available as accessory. The filters used in the filter cassette must be replaced periodically on a regular basis. The frequency of replacement depend on how the product is used and in what environment the filter cassette is located. For easy indication/monitoring of filter contamination we recommend pressure switch/monitor (accessory) which can be easily connected to preinstalled pressure ports. The recommended final pressure drop for the contaminated filter is:

  • For Coarse class filters: lowest value between (Initial Pressure for clean filter + 50Pa) and (3 × Initial Pressure for clean filter).

  • For ePM class filters: lowest value between (Initial Pressure for clean filter + 100Pa) and (3 × Initial Pressure for clean filter)

Installation: The FFR filter cassette can be installed to the circular spiral ducts directly or by using fast clamps (accessory) and can be fitted in horizontal or vertical position. When fitted vertically, the direction of the airflow must be downward so that the filter bags do not collapse. Access to the removable cover shall be provided for the filter replacement.