High flexibility. Wide application. Intelligent controls. Geniox Air Handling Units

Geniox is a fully customisable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.

  • Geniox units can handle airflows from 750 to 110,000 m³/h (0.21 - 30.6 m³/s)

  • Easy to configure, control and operate

  • Minimum energy use and durable design

  • #HygienicByDesign options available for the entire range

  • Systemair Access Controls system with wireless communication

Freedom of choice

Geniox units can handle airflows from 750 to 110,000 m³/h (0.21 - 30.6 m³/s). Their modular design is based on standardised sections that fit seamlessly together – making numerous configurations possible.

Easy configuration

Using the free SystemairCAD application, you can optimise your Geniox air handling units to your project requirements and the lowest possible energy consumption – or we can configure it for you.

Minimal energy loss and durable design

The 60 mm thick insulation minimises heat loss and thermal bridges, allowing energy savings, high operating efficiency and sound reduction.

The handles, hinges, and inspection windows are designed exclusively for and by Systemair, ensuring a long lifetime.

Easy to control and operate

Systemair Access with wireless communication, a complete control system for air handling units, making advanced technology easily accessible. It allows operators to optimise ventilation performance and create the perfect indoor climate.

Using your air handling unit more effectively will help you reduce energy consumption and save money.

The Geniox range of modular air handling units is your ideal partner to ensure energy-efficient ventilation in commercial and industrial applications.

Easily find your optimal solution

Geniox is made with multiple functions and options to meet the needs of every project.

You can trust that each product is optimised to your needs by choosing the best functions according to your project requirements.

Heat Exchangers

  • Rotary

  • Run-around coil

  • Crossflow

  • Counterflow


  • Water heating

  • Electrical heating

  • Water and DX cooling

Heat pump

  • Integrated reversible heat pump


  • Adiabatic

Control system

  • Integrated Systemair Access control system

  • Controller ready to match your own requirements


  • Indoor

  • Outdoor

Geniox with integrated reversibel heat pump

Our all-in-one air handling unit offers both heating and comfort cooling capabilities, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate year-round without the need for separate outdoor systems.

Geniox Side-by-Side AHUs. Low height, high performance.

Geniox Side-by-Side (SBS) low profile air handling units are designed for rooftop installation. Since the units have airstreams in a side-by-side configuration, they offer a flat design that blends seamlessly with the building architecture.

Geniox with ECO heat exchangers: higher performance in same unit size

Our popular line of Geniox air handling units with Access controls is now even more flexible. New models incorporating larger, ECO heat exchangers offer higher efficiency and lower pressure drop, with almost the same footprint!

Choosing one of these instead of a standard Geniox reduces heating consumption for the model size by up to 20% and electrical energy consumption by up to 15%. The new models also allow for a wider range of applications.

Systemair Access Control System with wireless communication

Systemair Access with wireless communication, a complete control system for air handling units, making advanced technology easily accessible.

It allows operators to optimise ventilation performance, helping them to create the perfect indoor climate. By operating the air handling unit at maximum efficiency you reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

  • Choose your preferred device, smartphone, tablet or the handheld control panel, NaviPad.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate menus help you achieve your chosen indoor climate.

  • Plug-and-play concept reduces installation, set-up and commissioning time.

  • Modbus communication to all internal components simplifies wiring, including inside the unit.

  • Cloud service for full monitoring and accessibility, even outside the building.

  • Wireless communication AHU(s) can be connected, configured and controlled via the Access Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.

A quick and easy way to calculate and compare Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of air handling units

Our Systemair LCC online tool provides a wide range of features, easy to use for everyone.

Geniox delivers the energy savings and hygienic performance excellence that you expect of Systemair.

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At Systemair, we believe that all general ventilation units should be hygienically designed – because everyone deserves to breathe fresh, clean, and healthy air.

Geniox is our first full product range that was created in line with our #HygienicByDesign initiative.

Base frame

The base frame can be mounted in the factory or delivered on-site. You can choose between a full-length base frame or have it divided into sections. There are design options that facilitate work onsite.

  • Thermal insulation T2

  • Thermal bridging Class TB2

  • Leakage Class L1 (M)

  • Deflection Class D1

  • Flexible selection of materials and surface treatments (pre-painted or ZM310)

  • Panels and doors in corrosion class C5


Geniox is compliant with the following directives:

  • Machinery Directive 2016/42/EC

  • Ecodesign Directive 1253/2014

  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU


The dampers comply with tightness class 4C according to EN 1751:2014. The dampers have counter-rotating aerodynamically shaped damper blades made of aluminium, ensuring a low-pressure loss when open.

Heat pump

The heat pump is an integrated reversible system built into a module section. The system consists of a reversible heat pump equipped with a step-less inverter-driven scroll compressor and a rotary heat exchanger enabling heating and cooling.

Plug fan

We have a wide range of plug fans with several options to give the best performance. The plug fans are direct-driven fans and motors and have an impeller with airfoil blades and rotating diffuses to obtain the highest possible efficiency.

The plug fan has a static efficiency of up to 75%. The plug fan can be supplied with an EC motor (IE5), PM motor (IE4), or AC motor (IE3). The fan impeller and motor are statically and dynamically balanced.

Rotary heat exchanger

The rotary heat exchanger (heating wheel) is highly efficient, with an efficiency of up to 87%.

In each unit size, there are several variants of efficiency to find the most optimised LCC solution in terms of energy use between high recovery and low-pressure drop.

Available in three variants:

  • Standard aluminium rotor

  • Sorption hybrid (Hygroscopic) recovers moisture and gives a good cooling recovery performance.

  • Sorption recovers much more humidity and has a very high performance in cooling recovery, which reduces a lot of the need for active cooling power.

Plate heat exchanger

The plate heat exchanger provides separated airflows preventing odour or moisture transfer between the two airflows.

Available in two variants:

  • Crossflow

  • Counterflow

The crossflow exchanger has an efficiency of up to 85%. The counterflow exchanger has an efficiency of up to 90%.

Run-around coil heat exchangers

The run-around coil heat exchangers are suitable when complete separation of supply and extract air is desired.

A number of different versions are available, and it can provide efficiency of up to 80%.

Heating and cooling coils

The heating coil is used for heating the supply air. The heating can be provided by hot water or condensation of the refrigerant. These coils consist of copper tubes and aluminum fins as standard.

Heating can also be provided by electricity. These coils have stainless steel heating elements and a built-in safety control system.

The cooling coil is used for cooling the supply air. It can be provided by cold water or direct evaporative refrigerant (dx). A cooling coil for evaporation has the liquid distributor placed inside the unit. These coils consist of copper tubes and aluminium fins as standard.



Sound attenuator

The sound attenuator is an absorption attenuator with baffles. It reduces the sound power level from the air handling unit to the duct system. It can be delivered for dry and wet cleaning.


The humidifier is made as a complete unit, including

  • Humidification elements

  • Tray and frame made of stainless steel AISI 304

  • Circulation pump, irrigation regulation valves

  • Overflow

  • Bleed-off regulation valve

  • A float valve for controlling the water supply to the tray

  • Valve for emptying the tray

The humidifier can either be placed in the supply air after a heating coil or used as indirect adiabatic cooling by placing it in the extract air before a heat exchanger.

Panel filter

The panel filter is a basic filter class Coarse 65% (G4 equivalent) according to EN ISO 16890. It is designed on the pleated filter principle.

Bag filter

The bag filter is designed to provide a large filter area.

The filter has a long lifetime and, thus, good overall economy. The filter can be supplied in multiple filter classes and sizes to suit project needs.

Optional Deltri+ virucidal air filters

Virucidal air filters with efficiency ePM1 90%, capable of neutralising or destroying viruses – including SARS-CoV-2, as tested by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and an independent laboratory.

Proven efficiency with Eurovent Certified Performance A+ energy class rating.