Geniox air handling unit configurator

SystemairCAD supports you from design idea to documentation of your final design of a Geniox air handling unit. Through an intuitive user interface and unique calculation tools, SystemairCAD will provide technical data and documentation on your specific product configuration. Simple and Easy.

We are constantly developing SystemairCAD in order to include the most recent features and improve the user-friendlyness.

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Plug-in for MagiCAD - Now also for Revit

Import of 3D models to Autodesk Revit or AutoCAD

SystemairCAD has special made plug-ins for the CAD software MagiCAD making it simple to connect the air handling unit to the ducting on the drawing.

The import plug-ins together with instructions how to install them can be downloaded via the following link:

Requires that SystemairCAD is already installed.

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Tailor Geniox AHU to your needs and requirements


Get your technical documentation in one click

Stay up-to-date

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Your AHU Your choice

SystemairCAD simplifies your selection process and helps you design the perfect Geniox AHU for your project.

Choose the unit size that fits your needs and add the relevant functions. By clicking the the symbols, you are then able to configure each function seperately.

You can add several Geniox AHUs to your project, and you can also save the project and continue working on it at a later stage.

With SystemairCAD we aim to push the boundaries of what you can expect from an air handling unit configuration software. We drive our software development to provide the best technical air handling unit calculation and documentation tool on the market, gift wrapped in an innovative and easy-to-use software package

Ulf Bang
Software area manager, Systemair

Watch our SystemairCAD videos to learn how to get started and use the different features.

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The world's most flexible air handling units

Geniox is a fully customisable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.
Geniox Core
Geniox Core delivers incredible operations no matter where it’s installed – with the smallest possible physical footprint.
Geniox Go
Geniox Go is a preconfigured modular air handling unit delivering excellent performance and energy savings. A wide range with built-in flexibility, easy to transport, ensures an optimal solution for your project.