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SystemairCAD release notes

We are constantly developing SystemairCAD in order to include the most recent features and improve the user-friendlyness.

Four updates are released each year - please find the release notes for each release below


This release contains the following fixes:

  • SystemairCAD crashes due to problems with new graphic drivers is fixed.

  • Lautner DLL version 11_34 is updated to Recutech version 12_1.

  • EuroventEfficiencyClass.dll is updated to the latest version.

  • EU Declaration of conformity layout is updated to new Systemair layout.

  • Geniox size 35 to 44 will no longer split coils above 10 rows.

  • Eco rotary heat exchanger is also available for size 31 now.


This Hotfix contain the following fixes:

  • Klingenburg DLL updated to revision 5.0.12 (Old version stopped working 1st of December) 

  • Lautner DLL version 11_34 is updated with new expiration date (Alo version will stop working 1st of January 2024) 


This Hotfix contain the following fixes:

  • Program crashes using imperial units and low temperatures.

  • Program stability improved when using imperial units.

  • Coil calculation fails in alternative working points.

  • Specification text in Swedish for Geniox Go.


Updated in the latest SystemairCAD includes:

  • Hygienic accessories added for ECO heat exchangers

  • Electric diagram code appearing unintended fixed

  • Power supply information corrected for 230V Geniox Core control system

  • Eco rotor heat exchanger removed as a selection in combination with heat pump.

  • SideBySide units’ selection removed as it is not released.


Updated in the latest SystemairCAD includes:

  • Both Rigid and flexible duct connections that had disappeared in J1 release are selected correct again.

  • In the printout for Rotary heat exchangers the capacity in summer mode is again in kW and not displayed in W.

  • In the printout for Heat pumps the capacity in summer mode is again named correct as capacity.


Updated in the latest SystemairCAD includes:

  • EC Bluefin fan GR40I-ZID.DG.CR 2,5 kW is removed for Geniox-2 and Geniox Go

  • Link to release notes are corrected.


Updated in the latest SystemairCAD includes:

  • Item numbers for Counterflow heat exchanger updated.

  • Missing settings for changeover coils added.


  • Duct sound attenuators available in Geniox-1 also for Size 22 to 31

  • Printout for changeover coils with Ethylene or Propylene corrected (Percentage ethylene/propylene in Heating)

  • Coil optimization could sometime result in wrong coil if fin distance of fin surface material was fixed.

  • Air side nominations in control system flowchart in printout is corrected for left airflow units with new Access control system 2.0


Updated in the latest SystemairCAD includes:

  • Temperature increases in the fan section

  • Short technical description

  • Water change over coils

  • Geniox big size, fan sections reduced

  • Sound attenuators

  • 0,5 m/s electrical duct coils

  • Heat pump summer calculation is corrected so we don’t get error for condensing temperature in some cases.

  • Ziehl fan DLL update

  • Klingenburg DLL for calculation some rotary heat exchangers in big size Geniox is updated.


Some rotary heat exchangers of Condensation type have been changed from Lautner to Hoval

  • Geniox Core size 10-18 efficiency type D

  • Geniox-1 size 10-18 efficiency type D (Units delivered from Danish and Dutch factories)

  • Geniox-2 size 10-18 efficiency type C and D (Units delivered from Lithuanian factory)

  • Geniox-Go size 10-18 efficiency type standard

  • Geniox size 35, 35L, 38L, 41, 41L efficiency type B, C and D

Some rotary heat exchangers of Condensation type have been changed from Lautner to Klingenburg

  • Geniox size 38, 44, 44L efficiency type B, C and D

Lautner DLL datafile is updated so it will work after 1/7-2022


  • A new “Coil optimization” function is added. The user can choose to optimize for eighter “Low pressure drop” or “Price”. If optimization is selected the program will calculate alle available coil types and fin spacings and select the coil with the lowest price or pressure drop. The preferred optimization can be set in the default values page.
    > Watch tutorial on YouTube

  • We have updated the calculation of Heat pumps. In cooling mode, we correct the amount of condensation we get, so calculation corresponds to laboratory test. The lowest cooling temperatures that can be reached is up to ½ a degree higher than in old calculation, depending on configuration.

  • Internal mounted electric heaters are changed so we now have 2 versions, the standard version that works with airspeed above 1,5 m/s and a low air speed version that works with airspeed above 0,5 m/s. Low air speed version can be selected manually or it will automatic be selected if calculation shows airspeeds below 1,5 m/s in dimensioning air flow or alternative working points.

  • The door in front of the electric heaters is changed so there will always be a 100 mm panel for connections in the bottom of the electric heater section.

  • For the markets in UK and Ireland we have added a Gas burner function for Geniox units.

  • DBM coil DLL is updated. This will result in added rows for most run around coil calculations.

  • Ziehl Abegg DLL for calculation fans is updated.

  • Klingenburg DLL for calculation rotary heat exchanges in some of the big unit sizes is updated.

  • Recutech DLL for calculating counterflow heat exchangers is updated.


  • A new door retainer is added as a selection in the unit data dialog. It is only available for outdoor units. You must select the door retainer in the unit data dialog, it is not selected on outdoor units by default. The door retainer is a service/safety feature that will prevent the door from closing, because of wind or other factors during service.

  • The new release also features duct dampers for Geniox-1, in unit size 10 to 20. The dampers are by default in full size, corresponding the duct connection size of the unit. Alternative damper sizes can be selected in the damper dialog.

  • It is now possible to calculate the total filtration in the supply air accordance with ISO16890, if you have more than one filtration stage in the supply air flow.

  • Geniox Core indoor units with rotary heat exchangers are now available in 3 sections. Right click in the background and select (1) Casing and (2) Divide sections.

  • By selecting “A316-1:20 sloped” drip trays in the cooling coil, plate heat exchanger and the run around coil dialog the system will configure the unit with a 3-way sloped drip tray according to the HTM hygienic standard (UK). The droplet eliminator is removeable through the inspection door for cleaning. It is possible to adjust the length of the inspection section after the coil. Double click the inspection section and select the required length.



  • The missing parts of the Specification text printout in German is added again.

  • Item numbers for HTM drip trays for cross flow heat exchangers is corrected.

  • Hygienic kit for Geniox size 35 to 44 is added so correct item numbers is selected.

  • Control system printout in Finish language is fix so correct characters are displayed.

Geniox Core
  • Default filter in Geniox Core size 10 and 11 is now selected correct.

  • Geniox Core with 30 mm duct connections will now have correct item numbers for duct attenuators.