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Looking solely at the sales price of an air handling unit (AHU) is no longer sufficient, given rising sustainability demands and energy costs. What should be considered is how a product performs and how much energy it uses over a life cycle. Systemair LCC makes calculating and comparing AHU Life Cycle Costs (LCC) quick and easy.

AHU LCC assessment tools tend to require time and deep technical knowledge. To make LCC calculations more of a standard offering, we have developed a hands-on, trustworthy online tool which is based on the acknowledged ASHRAE climate database and widely established calculation methods. Systemair LCC largely focuses on energy costs during a unit’s use phase, which makes up the vast majority of an AHU’s Life Cycle Costs.

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Systemair LCC provides a wide range of features, easy to use for everyone

Systemair LCC is accessible from any device and allows you to:

  • Calculate AHU Life Cycle Costs for most locations worldwide based on verified ASHRAE data,

  • Compare the LCC energy performance of multiple AHUs (Systemair, and any other manufacturer),

  • Simulate carbon emissions,

  • Project real estate value evolutions and profitability,

  • Quickly save and share results with anyone,

  • Download PDF reports.

Calculate LCC directly from our selection tools

Systemair LCC constitutes one of many cornerstones of Systemair’s integrated approach to Life Cycle Costs and environmental product declarations. Monitor this space as, in the coming weeks and months, we’ll expand our cloud solution by rolling out direct links and integrations with AHU configurators. What comes along is an open API, allowing you to connect your own tools.

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