One South County, Dublin

Helping partners achieve sustainability accreditation

Systemair supplied quality air handling units and fans to meet the commercial project’s strict energy efficiency requirements and sustainability targets.

One South County, Ireland

High sustainability goals

Sustainability was at the heart of the project, and the customer aimed to have LEED Gold Accreditation and BER efficiency rating.

Effective collaborations

Systemair Ireland worked closely with Metec Consulting Engineers and DMG Engineering for the timely delivery of the project.

Energy-efficient design and solutions

The design required an energy-efficient air handling unit while achieving low AHU heights to comply with the necessary civil planning regulations.

Main contractor

DMG Engineering Ltd

Principal consultant

Metec Consulting Engineers

Systemair supplied

HH Flex 12.14 Side by Side Thermal wheel AHUs
Geniox 24 DR
Geniox 12 DR
KV Duo 630 EC Twin Fans
K EC Centrifugal Fans

DMG Engineering


Aiming for LEED Gold accreditation

One South County is a modern commercial space with a 12,840 square meter floor plan in Dublin, Ireland. The project aimed to achieve LEED Gold accreditation and a BER efficiency rating of B1. This focus on energy efficiency was paramount for Metec Engineering, the consulting engineer for the office space.

Mastering indoor air quality challenges

The principal consultant for the project was Metec Consulting Engineers, and the main developer was Infinity Capital. Systemair has also had a long-standing relationship with DMG Engineering, the main contractor for the project. DMG Engineering is a dynamic and proficient contractor, successfully carrying out and completing high-profile and complex projects across Ireland. DMG Engineering`s ethos aligns with Systemair`s: They focus on high-quality structures focusing on simplification to master the indoor air quality challenges.

Metec Engineering engaged with Systemair Ireland from the initial stages of the project. The design focused on achieving a highly energy-efficient air handling unit (AHU) proposal while achieving low AHU heights in compliance with the required civil planning regulations. These two focus areas led to solutions from Systemair AHU manufacturing factories in Holland and Denmark to satisfy the height requirements and compliance with Part L.

Low height, energy-efficient solutions

Given these requirements, Systemair supplied the following:

  • HH Flex 12.14 Side by Side Thermal wheel air handling units

  • Geniox 24 DR

  • Geniox 12 DR

  • KV Duo 630 EC Twin Fans

  • K EC Centrifugal Fans

The HH Flex was the ideal solution for its low height, as it satisfied civil planning requirement specifications. The customer opted for Geniox units owing to their energy efficiency and easy commissioning, while the fans were chosen for their low SFP values. The project also significantly benefited from Systemair’s commitment to offering reliable after-sales and technical support.

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