High quality, ultimate flexibilityHHFlex Air Handling Units

Modular air handling solution that can be tailored to any application. Ideal for hospitals, industry, marine and offshore.

  • Innovative

  • Energy efficient

  • Robust

  • Tested and certified

Modular and customizable

HHFlex air handling units have a modular platform design, enabling you to tailor the unit to your project, based on required airflow and specific demands.

Certified performance

The HHFlex is independently tested and fully Eurovent certified. It is engineered with the requirements of hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry in mind, and of course hygiene certified.

High-quality components

The HHFlex is manufactured with high-quality components, including:

  • Heat recovery systems

  • Humidifiers

  • Filters

  • Heat exchangers (heating and/or cooling)

  • Sound attenuators

Wide range

More than 68 sizes are available to cover a range of 1.000 to 125.000 m³/h. Units can be:

  • Inside or outside

  • Side-by-side, stacked, vertical or ceiling-mounted

  • Delivery in sections or flat-packed

The HHFlex air handling unit offers virtually unlimited customization, making it suitable for nearly all applications. It is easy to install, commission, clean and maintain. Reliable technology and sturdy panel and frame construction make the HHFlex a robust unit.

Filters are changed easily and quickly, and the large access doors facilitate easy inspection. High hygienic standards make the HHFlex suitable for health facilities and the pharmaceutical industry. Strong corrosion resistance and ATEX explosion-proofing make the HHFlex suitable for use in marine and offshore, as well as industrial applications.