World’s most flexible air handling unit platform. Geniox Air Handling Units

Geniox offers ideal energy saving and low operational cost, with a long lifetime and the least impact on the environment.

Pushing limits.

Geniox is more than just a range of air handling units. It is the heart of a complete air handling solution that integrates everything from design to operation, easily configured to fit your application.

You name it, Geniox can handle it.

Top value.

Smart construction and intelligent controls offer minimal energy loss and optimal performance during the long lifetime.

Intelligent controls

Intelligent control systems allows operators to optimise ventilation performance and indoor climate with efficient energy usage while making sure safety and security are maintained.

Systemair Access Control system – intelligent technology at your disposal!


The ultimate in flexibility

The Geniox air handling unit range comes with multiple product lines to suit the different applications and use cases.

Explore all the possibilities here:

Geniox, Air Handling Units
Air Handling Units · Geniox is a fully customisable, high-quality, modular air handling unit offering the ultimate flexibility to suit every project.
  • Geniox units can handle airflows from 750 to 110,000 m³/h (0.21 - 30.6 m³/s)

  • Easy to configure, control and operate

  • Minimum energy use and durable design

  • #HygienicByDesign options available for the entire range

Geniox Core, Air Handling Units
Geniox Core
Air Handling Units · Geniox Core delivers incredible operations no matter where it’s installed – with the smallest possible physical footprint.
  • Suits both indoor and outdoor applications with airflows ranging from 750-17,500 m3/h (0.2-4.9 m3/s).

  • Standardised designs for faster lead time, easy transportation, and easy installation.

Geniox Go, Air Handling Units
Geniox Go
Air Handling Units · Geniox Go is a preconfigured modular air handling unit delivering excellent performance and energy savings. A wide range with built-in flexibility, easy to transport, ensures an optimal solution for your project.
  • Supports airflow ranges between 2,000-35,000 m³/h (0.55 to 9.72 m³/s).

  • Units are compact and fit easily through standard door frames for quick and easy installation.

  • Suitable for multiple indoor and outdoor applications including renovations and restorations.

Geniox VOClean, Air Handling Units
Geniox VOClean
Air Handling Units · High-performing, energy-saving ecology units designed specifically for commercial kitchen applications.
  • Excellent at capturing and removing airborne pollutants with airflows ranging from 2,500 m³/h to 40,000 m³/h

  • Ideal for commercial kitchens and catering establishments of all ranges.

  • Good thermal and sound insulation with 60 mm panels.

Good news for ventilation contractors and installers

Geniox with ECO heat exchangers: higher performance in same unit size.

Why choose Geniox air handling solutions?

Ultimate flexibility for comfortable ventilation anywhere

Comfortable ventilation is a must for creating healthy, thriving indoor environments – from hospitals to hotels, classrooms and offices. The flexible design of Geniox gives you the freedom to choose the exact functions and capabilities you need to create the perfect indoor climate.

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Geniox is proudly #HygenicByDesign

Geniox air handling units have been designed in line with our innovative #HygienicByDesign initiative to help indoor environments stay pure, clean, and healthy.

Shorter lead and installation time with pre-built configurations

Configure your units faster by using SystemairCAD – and get them up and running through the Systemair Access Control using NaviPad™, PC or any HTML5 supported device as soon as they are installed.

Energy efficiency

Geniox air handling solutions give you ultimate flexibility without sacrificing energy savings or operational efficiency.

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Eurovent Certified Performance

Geniox is proudly certified by Eurovent’s strict classification standards. This means all Geniox components and units have been independently audited and checked to confirm they will operate according to their technical specifications.

Robust, corrosion resistant casing

We have prioritised recyclable materials and future-proof solutions. Geniox is a stable air handling unit with reduced thermal bridges thanks to thick insulation and airtight doors and joints. This makes Geniox suitable for multiple environments, including industrial and coastal areas with moderate salinity.

As with all our products and solutions, Systemair fulfils all certifications. Click here to learn more about our certifications and associations.

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Ultimate control with Systemair Access

Systemair Access is a complete control system for air handling units, making advanced technology easily accessible. It allows operators to optimise ventilation performance, helping them to create the perfect indoor climate. Using your air handling unit more effectively will help you reduce energy consumption and save money.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate menus will help you create the perfect indoor climate.

  • A plug-and-play concept, reducing installation, set-up, and start-up time, quickly putting you in full control

  • Modbus communication to all internal components simplifies cabling and wiring inside the unit.

  • Multiple units can be connected to a cloud service for complete overview and accessibility.

See how Geniox units are being used around the world

Learn more about how we support all projects, from those with the most standard and unique engineering requirements.