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Ventilation for education facilties

Quiet and health-promoting HVAC solutions that improve students’ wellbeing

Good education starts with clean, fresh air

It’s not enough for students to sit or play outside during break times. Well-ventilated environments are productive environments, and multiple studies have shown that poor ventilation in classrooms and educational buildings results in poor concentration, poor retention of information, and greater levels of reported tiredness.

Systemair’s HVAC solutions operate quietly and efficiently to achieve optimal temperature and excellent indoor air quality (IAQ) every day of the week. Improving the health, wellbeing, and performance of students, teachers, and staff alike.

For perfect indoor climates

Minimal physical footprint

Low noise systems

High energy efficiency

Health and hygiene-certified

Easy to control and operate

All Systemair HVAC solutions come certified by the highest product certifications in the global market.

Energy efficiency is crucial for educational facilities. With HVAC systems operating almost every day, keeping operating costs low is as important as ensuring high indoor air quality. At Systemair, we’re proud to offer heating and cooling solutions that provides excellent indoor air quality for students, teachers, and staff alike.

Morten Schmelzer
Technical Marketing Director | Systemair Group

Why choose Systemair?

Geniox, hygienic by design

Hygienic by design

Systemair’s HVAC solutions are not just designed to perform well or to be energy efficient. They’re also hygiene-first and are designed to be easy to clean and maintain so that they will always operate in line with the highest standards of health and safety certifications.

The #hygienicbydesign initiative also means that all HVAC units are designed with smooth parts and materials to prevent the build-up of bacteria, dust, and other particles – inside and out.

We have one of the quietest classroom fan units on the market with AMCA-certified data, along with a range of solutions that will help schools guarantee they are giving the students a safe and healthy environment that will not only increase the retention of information but also potentially reduce sick days.

Pablo Varela
Global Product Director | Systemair Group
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Sustainable, energy-saving solutions

Many schools and education facilities are now being classified by local governments as public buildings – meaning they need to now comply with local, state, or national sustainability goals and requirements.

Systemair’s HVAC solutions are proudly sustainability-first, designed to perform at their best using as little energy and resources as possible. This not only keeps operational costs down in the short-term, but ensures your systems will continue to deliver fresh, clean, well-ventilated air long into the future.

The educational sector is moving towards retrofits to meet increasingly stringent standards related to air quality, ventilation, and performance. Our range of products can easily help bring facilities up to date with the latest energy-saving technologies in the field of ventilation and air conditioning.

Lena Eklind
Group Technical Director | Systemair Group
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Easy to operate and control

Educational institutions have operating requirements that change frequently – from busy days filled with multiple students, classes, and visitors, to evenings and weeks of holidays where buildings are often completely vacant.

Coming with multiple, intuitive control systems, Systemair’s HVAC solutions are easy to program and easy to operate. This allows you to change requirements quickly and simply to keep up with the current demand – from a university library open 24/7, to a childrens’ nursery that’s closed over the weekend, to a packed museum during peak hours.

Geniox offers ideal energy saving and low operational cost, with a long lifetime and the least impact on the environment.
Geniox Core
Geniox Go
Geniox VOClean
Modular air handling unit suitable for bespoke applications
Keep the fresh air flowing in busy indoor spaces while saving precious floor space.
20-30 kW • R410A • Inverter air-cooled heat pumps suitable for DHW applications