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Brand Promise & Core Values

Systemair stands for more than clean air and healthy indoor environments.

Our group-wide core values are the genetic code of our company and guide our decision-making – no matter who we’re helping, what we’re working on, or where we are in the world.

Our Systemair brand promise is the direct application of these values towards you, our customers and partners.

Our brand promise

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We guide

We are here to advice and share our knowledge. Our guidance and experience will help you arrive at the right conclusions. We treat everyone with care and respect.

We are a trustworthy partner

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We simplify

We are here to make your job easier by turning complex systems into easy, smart, and sustainable solutions.

Always seeking to improve.

We put our customer first

From concept to completion, our mission is to support you – helping you find the best products and solutions to make your projects successful.

We are by your side.

Systemair’s fundamental values

Values shape our corporate climate and guide us all when making decisions, wherever in the world we work. They guide us in how we, as employees, should behave in our day-to-day work, both towards each other and towards our customers and stakeholders.


  • Take the initiative

  • Take decisions

  • Follow the strategy


  • The direct route

  • Organisation and structure

  • Standardised products

Inspire trust

  • Straightforward, clear communication

  • We are a safe choice

  • Collective responsibility