FDS-3G Rectangular Fire Dampers

Rectangular fire dampers for passive fire protection with multiple installation possibilities

  • Casing tightness class C as standard 

  • Changeable Mechanism 

  • Two Inspection Openings

  • Great variety of installations rated up to EI120S

  • On and Out of the wall installations

Modulated Actuator

The modulated actuator is suitable for system balancing. It allows for the blade to open at the desired angle.

Inspection Openings

All FDS-3G rectangular dampers of sizes greater than 200x200 mm come complete with two inspection openings. 

FDS fire dampers provide passive fire protection in a range of installations using compartmentalization. They help to prevent the spread of toxic gases, smoke and fire allowing more time to evacuate the building. Standard fire dampers are designed and certified in accordance with EN 15650 and tested for EIS criteria according to EN 1366–2. Fire dampers form an inseparable part of fire resistivity rating. 

All FDS fire dampers are supplied with a manual mechanism or actuator mechanism, and an optional supply and communication unit is available. The activation mechanisms are both removable and interchangeable. An actuator-operated mechanism can be replaced with a manually operated mechanism and vice versa. 

The FDS fire dampers have from fire-resistant materials to facilitate safe and easy installation in a range of settings. Other sizes are available in this range.