Delivering prime ventilation solutions to a modern residential building where art meets architecture

Systemair supports the developer’s vision to raise modern residential standards in Prague, by providing efficient and reliable ventilation solutions to a structure that blends art and architecture

Fragment, Czech Republic

Systemair delivered energy-efficient ventilation solutions to Trigema, a stunning an innovative apartment complex that raises the standards of modern residential developments in Karlin, a thriving historic district within Prague, Czech Republic.

Flexibility and expertise

Systemair provided its technical expertise to support the developer in ensuring the ventilation system meets their quality standards and their vision to ensure aesthetics go hand in hand with functionality.

Seamless smart integration for modern living

The solutions were designed to ensure seamless integration with the building management systems, allowing tenants full control over indoor air and climate while receiving an overview of their energy consumption. 

Safety and reliability

Quality components were required to meet the project’s high standards and ensure the solutions' reliability and the tenants' safety in terms of fire safety.

Simplicity and sustainability

Systemair offered a wide range of solutions that supported the customer’s desire for simplicity and met the sustainability requirements to ensure the building achieved A-level energy classification according to the Czech Republic and European Parliament.


Raising the standards of modern living

Fragment, a modern apartment complex that stands out for its stunning structure, a blend of art and architecture stands the heart of Karlin, Prague’s historic district has been transformed into a thriving commercial and residential area.

The one-of-a-kind structure was developed by Trigema Group, a leading development and construction company headquartered in the Czech Republic committed to “projects that change the character of the neighbourhood” and investments that “add value to society”.

The project was conceptualised in cooperation with architects David Wittassek and Jiří Řezák from the prestigious studio Qarta and with artist David Černý to elevate modern homes into a work of art.

As such, Trigema chose Systemair Czech Republic as a partner to support its vision to raise the standard of modern living.

Fragment is a premium residential development featuring 140 fully equipped apartments that range from single studio use to 1–2-bedroom apartments for couples or families. The team’s strong commitment towards integrating quality materials within the project included ensuring the most optimal and reliable indoor air quality products and fire safety solutions to ensure the occupants' health, comfort, and safety.  

When function meets art

In their firm belief that function does not have to suffer in the name of aesthetics, Trigema invested in ventilation solutions that can operate reliably and in an energy-efficient manner. As such, the requirement was for HVAC components that could achieve A class energy label for the building, according to the Czech Republic's implementation of Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament on the energy performance of buildings.

It was also critical to use high-quality components that could integrate seamlessly with the building’s fully autonomous system. This includes keyless access to the flat and automatic control for indoor facilities, including the ventilation and heating systems, as well as online access to the real-time energy consumption of each flat.

Although a decentralised ventilation system was initially chosen, discussions and strong collaboration between teams during the design process revealed that it would be more suitable to opt for a central ventilation solution to meet the project requirements. The long-term reliability of the products was also strongly emphasised, given that the project required fire safety solutions.

Systemair became a valued partner for the input of its technical experts and for having a wide product range with proven operational efficiencies. The entire building was designed using BIM modelling, and Systemair was able to provide excellent support with an extensive BIM library of products and through close cooperation during the design process.

Cultivating strong partnerships and a shared vision

In all, the following Systemair solutions were installed in the project:

  • KA air handling units featuring highly efficient plate counterflow heat exchangers, cooler and water heaters.

  • OPTIMA-R variable air flow regulators

  • FGT Compact air handling units

  • BOR-L residential diffusers

  • EFF air valves

  • TFF air valves

  • AXC fans for fire safety

  • RS fans for car park ventilation

  • FDS fire dampers

  • F-B90 fire dampers

  • FGS fire dampers.

  • AR Fans

  • Prio EC Fans

KA units were installed, each approximately 1500-3450m3/h. The projected air exchange in apartments is above the standard given by the norm at the level of 0.7 / 1 hour. The supplied air handling units were able to dehumidify fresh air. Ensuring optimal humidity levels was critical owing to the design, which included chilled ceilings, to achieve the correct temperature in the summer.

The BOR-L Residential Diffusers was the optimal choice as the design linear slot diffuser with internal ZEUS damper guaranteed easy commissioning and the correct amount of fresh air in each room of the flats.

Systemair brought to the project the idea of optimising the VAV system by taking into account the actual air flow as well as the lowest possible pressure loss of the system, by using additional operational analogue information from OPTIMA.

Altogether, the products successfully met the project's needs in terms of sustainability, safety, and simplicity while integrating seamlessly with their vision for a unique residential structure.

Systemair continues to have a long-term partnership with Trigema for similar milestone projects.

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