F-C2 Circular Fire Dampers

Cartridge-style fire damper for effective, passive fire protection

  • Cartridge design

  • Resistivity EI60S, EI90S, EI120S in one product

  • Closed state detection 

  • Valve installation 

  • Available from 80 mm size

Passive Fire Protection

Standard fire dampers provide effective protection against the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. 

Spring Load Activation

F-C2 fire dampers are manufactured with spring-loaded activation as standard. A end position micro-switch option is available.

Fireproof Materials

The F-C2 is made from various fireproof materials including galvanized sheet metal, graphite fire-proof laminate, and polyurethane foam. 

The F-C2 Circular Fire dampers provide passive fire protection and have been designed to use compartmentalization to prevent the spread of toxic gases, smoke and fire. They are designed and certified in accordance with EN 15650 and are tested for EIS criteria according to EN 1366-2. 

The F-C2 features spring-loaded activation as standard. In the case of fire, the fire damper closes automatically when the air temperature in the duct reaches 72°C. The melting of the thermal fuse triggers the closure of the damper. The damper blade is then mechanically locked in the closed position and can only be opened manually. This requires access to the duct by the maintenance personnel. 

F-C2 dampers have powder-coated casings made from galvanized sheet metal. Blades are made from non-asbestos and an intumescent seal, that expands in a fire situation. Other sizes are available in this range.