Systemair Fusion

Complete optimised solutions combining air handling units, cooling/heating and controls

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Connect your ventilation unit and your heat pump into a perfectly coordinated system. With Systemair Fusion, we offer you a complete solution consisting of a ventilation unit, split air conditioning units and integrated control. Select yours easily using the Systemair Configurator.

Complete optimised package

Systemair Fusion solutions combine ventilation and air conditioning systems into one optimised package with smart control functionality.

Easy in every way

Sourcing a complete solution from Systemair makes your job quicker and easier. Selection is simple using the Systemair Configurator. Each solution is tested for maximum reliability and efficiency.

Maximum compatibility

Just one supplier, one purchase order, maximum compatibility! This simplifies installation, commissioning, and communication during your project.

We have the right solution

For small premises – preschools, schools, and smaller offices Systemair Fusion AHU + DX Split systems offer cooling/heating capacities up to 36 kW.

Get the perfect indoor climate

Working in harmony in a smart Systemair Fusion solution, the Topvex air handling unit and SYSPLIT DX outdoor heat pump are a perfect fit!

Systemair Access

Control system

  • Intelligent control functions for your complete system

  • Simple activation of Systemair Fusion via configuration wizard

  • Controlled via NaviPad, smartphone or tablet

  • Eliminates component compatibility problems


Communication kit

Enables communication between an AHU and a single or dual split outdoor unit.

AHU transmits the operating mode (cooling/heating) and the corresponding 0-10V power signal to the communication box.


Direct expansion heat pump units

  • 6 sizes

  • Cooling capacity up to 15.2kW

  • Heating capacity up to 18.2kW

  • R32 low GWP refrigerant

  • DC inverter with rotary compressors and DC fan motors

  • Robust and reliable structure

  • Precise electronic expansion valve

  • Simple to install and maintain

Topvex TR / SR

Compact Air Handling Unit

  • Side or Top connections

  • Rotary heat exchanger

  • 8 sizes up to 9,500 m3/h

  • High quality design and finish

  • Low SFP and high efficiency EC motors

  • High performance rotary heat exchanger

  • ZM310 coated panels, corrosion class C5

  • Simple to install and maintain

  • Indoor or outdoor installation


Back-up electrical heater

  • For securing supply air temperature in HP mode

  • Receives a 0-10V DC signal from the Access control system

  • Activated when heat pump is in defrost mode or outside air temperature is below –20°C

  • Aluzinc-coated sheet steel with heating element in stainless steel

  • Overheating protection with manual reset function

  • No moving parts, silent operation


Duct cooler

  • Rectangular / circular duct cooler with DX coil

  • For installation in horizontal duct, with air flow in either direction (reversible coil)

  • Stainless steel condensate drip tray

  • Drip tray easily removable to simplify cleaning and inspection

One complete package

Single trustworthy supplier

Optimised performance

Saves space in the building

Cost efficient solution

Perfect indoor climate

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Energy Optimised

Better system performance

Systemair Fusion is a smart functionality in the Systemair Access Control system. It optimises communication between the air handling unit and the split air conditioning units, enabling them to work in harmony. This improves energy efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs.

Easy to select, install and detailed documentation

Our web-based, free selection tool Systemair Configurator helps you easily select the right solution for your project.

1. Go to Configurator

Based on your input, our online software will calculate all relevant, project-specific parameters to find the optimal system.

2. Input

Input your conditions and requirements to find the solution that is right for you.

3. Preview

Preview suggested solution and select the one most suited to your needs.

4. Check

Check the detailed information and specifications to ensure the solution meets your requirements.

5.Get the documentation

Get the documentation to share with your planning and installation team.

We guide you

When it comes to installation, the installer is guided by clear instructions. Systemair Fusion is easily activated in the Systemair Access configuration wizard. The user can adjust parameters in the Access controller which also displays values and alarms for the complete system.

  • Systemair AHU’s are compact and designed for easy transportation and handling.

  • Clear installation instructions and configuration wizard in Systemair Access.

  • Technical support - our customers can rely on us to support them if needed.

Smart control functionality

Systemair Fusion is a smart functionality in the AHU’s Access Control system. It optimises communication between the air handling units and AC units in the Systemair Fusion solution, enabling them to work in harmony.

  • Improved functionality ensures higher system performance in terms of reduced running time and, thus, increased efficiency.

  • The user has full control of the complete solution by means of the NaviPad control panel, or via a smartphone, or tablet.

Please contact your local Systemair office for more information.