SysTemp RPrecision air conditioners

Close control air conditioning units for "in-row" mounting

  • Very high EER

  • EC electric brushless plug fans and inverter compressors

  • Versions with horizontal air discharge

  • Free Cooling and Two Sources models available

Energy savings system

SYSTEMP R units have an innovative and smart network management system that allows energy savings of up to 60% compared to redundant network.

Advanced cooling circuit control system

SYSTEMP R units are equipped with an advanced microprocessor control system that optimises the management, maintenance, safety and reliability of the cooling circuit.

Compact design

Thanks to their small footprint, the SYSTEMP R range can be installed in a row ensuring an airflow distribution as close as possible to the servers. 

The SYSTEMP R units have been designed to work in large data center where the racks containing the servers follow a hot / cold corridor layout. Close control units have an horizontal air discharge that ensures airflow distribution as close as possible to servers.

The units are available in 2 technologies:

  • Direct expansion units equipped with electronic expansion valve and inverter scroll compressor, to be connected to a remote condenser. 4 sizes with a cooling capacity from 9 to 32 kW.

  • Chilled water units equipped with chilled water coil, control valves and inlet and outlet water temperature sensors. 2 sizes with a cooling capacity from 25 to 38 kW.