SysTemp P Precision air conditioners

Close control air conditioning units ideal for data centres

  • Very high EER

  • EC electric brushless plug fans and optional inverter compressors

  • Versions with upward and downward air delivery

  • Free Cooling and Two Sources models available

Energy savings system

SYSTEMP P units have an innovative and smart network management system that allows energy savings of up to 60% compared to redundant network.

Advanced cooling circuit control system

SYSTEMP P units are equipped with an advanced microprocessor control system that optimises the management, maintenance, safety and reliability of the cooling circuit.

Wide range of applications

SYSTEMP P units are suitable for a wide range of applications where strict temperature control and sensible heat loads are required such as data centres, server rooms, laboratories.

Systemair aims to offer a comprehensive range of close control air conditioning units that have been developed to provide effective atmospheric control in various types of special applications. This includes metrology laboratories, museums and archives, power station control rooms and railway junctions. The wide range of models and accessories enables the optimal configuration of the air conditioning system. Units can be tailored to meet the actual infrastructure requirements with a high level of customization to fit with all customer’s needs.

The units are available in 2 technologies:

  • Direct expansion units equipped with electronic expansion valve and scroll compressor, to be connected to a remote condenser. 14 sizes with a cooling capacity from 7 to 100 kW.

  • Chilled water units equipped with chilled water coil, control valves and inlet and outlet water temperature sensors. 10 sizes with cooling capacity from 10 to 160 kW.