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Green Ventilation

Green Ventilation is a trustworthy environmental performance benchmark for our products. It includes hands-on sustainability criteria for each product area.

What it takes for AHUs to carry our Green Ventilation label

A. Eurovent Certified Performance with A+ energy class

Must be Eurovent certified with an A+ energy class for either heating or cooling conditions. Through Eurovent, performance figures are certified with units tested in accredited, third-party laboratories. The certification includes annual selection software and factory audits, verifying our high production standards and data quality.

The Eurovent Certification is the global benchmark in third-party, HVAC product certification.

Its innovative energy labelling scheme allows you to quickly identify the most efficient and sustainable solutions on an easy-to-understand A+ (highest energy efficiency) to E (lowest energy efficiency) scale.

"Our Green Ventilation mark is where healthy indoor air and maximum energy efficiency meet. Our global AHU teams identified an integrated control system and high energy recovery as essential for meeting Green Ventilation requirements. A high Eurovent energy rating and the use of the most efficient fan technology available are mandatory. We believe all units should be designed with hygiene in mind, without the need for customers to request it. That, in combination with our rigorous testing and compliance measures at Systemair, is what makes Green Ventilation an initiative important for the environment, and close to my heart."

Juan Manuel Fernández
Product manager Topvex,
Systemair Group

B. #HygienicByDesign

Are #HygienicByDesign, meaning the plastic casing components in the airflow are ISO 846 compliant.

#HygienicByDesign means that the Systemair AHUs you select prevent mould, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from building up. They are also easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.

In addition, #HygienicByDesign means that an air handling unit can be configured into a Eurovent Certified “Hygienic Air Handling Unit”, or VDI 6022-1 certified unit.

C. EC fan and motor technology

Contain EC fans with an efficiency class of IE5 or higher.

Fans constitute the main energy user in air handling units.

Latest, high-efficiency EC fan technology significantly reduces a unit’s energy use compared with solutions including AC, and especially, belt-driven fans.

D. Energy recovery system

Include an energy recovery system, ensuring that your heated or chilled air is recovered and not wasted in the environment.

A high-quality energy recovery component such as a rotary heat exchanger or integrated heat pump is essential to reduce the carbon footprint of a building.

E. Integrated controls

Possess an integrated control system enabling temperature, humidity, and CO2 demand controls. This ensures maximum energy efficiency, low operational costs, and healthy indoor air.

An integrated control system ensures that an air handling unit performs as declared by the manufacturer.

For units without integrated controls, this cannot be guaranteed. A different control logic can impact energy efficiency losses and higher operational costs.

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