Air Distribution and Fire Safety Products


Green Ventilation


Green Ventilation is a trustworthy environmental performance benchmark for our products. It includes hands-on sustainability criteria for each product area.

What it takes for Air Distribution and Fire Safety Products to carry our Green Ventilation label

Online design and selection tool with advanced functionalities

Are selectable in an online tool that enables customers to design the most sustainable air distribution and fire safety system in terms of energy and sound performance, indoor air quality, and safety. At a minimum, this tool must

  • Include technical data based on real measurements covering supply air and room temperature as well as sound discharged from the air devices (sound pressure level) and into the room (sound power level),

  • Show isovels (lines of constant velocity) at three different velocities,

  • Allow users to visualise their ventilation design in interactive 3D,

  • Include the option to import floorplans to design a more effective system.

No harmful chemicals

Are in line with requirements of the EU Construction Product Regulation (CPR) in that they do not contain chemicals, or levels thereof, that damage the environment or endanger the safety of persons, domestic animals, or property.

Rigorous testing

Are rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art laboratories across the globe or, when not possible, in third-party, accredited laboratories. Measurements include, at minimum,

  • Air velocities at different levels (isolvels),

  • Sound pressure,

  • Pressure loss and leakage.

In addition, fire safety products are all tested internally before the official, third-party testing.

Airtightness according to EN 1751:2014

Possess an air tightness of the housing of C or higher, or 3 or higher when damper blades are closed.

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