Improving the IAQ in a globally recognised fashion brand

Systemair supplied Geniox On air handling units to the Riccione branch of Mango, a leading fashion company

Mango Retail Shop, Italy

Space flexibility

Geniox On was chosen for its reduced footprint and flexibility, allowing it to be designed with vertical cons to meet the requirement of the small premises.

Compliance with eco-design regulations

The solution complies with ERP eco-design regulations, a mandatory directive within the states of the European Union.

Smart controls

The user-friendly interface of the air handling units allows facility managers to manage and control several units easily.


A leading, global fashion brand

Mango is one of Spain's leading fashion companies, which has enjoyed worldwide recognition. The company was founded in 1984 with a small shop in Barcelona and currently has approximately 1,700 shops in 102 countries.

Within Mango's global portfolio is a branch in Riccione, Italy. The 250m2 MANGO store is located in one of the city's busiest and most stylish places, receiving a large influx of people throughout the year.

As such, the priority was for a high-quality unit that could provide the best indoor air quality for the comfort and well-being of both customers and store personnel.

Compliance and flexibility

The project faced a challenge regarding the constraints of the installation area, which is located inside the shop premises. The requirement was for a unit that could be adapted to the limited space of the interior.

It was also critical for the customer to have a unit that complies with ERP eco-design regulations, a directive is mandatory within the member states of the European Unio, including manufacturers of ventilation and air conditioning products.

Another important requirement was for a user-friendly interface to enable the facility managers to easily manage and control several air handling units from a single location.

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Energy efficiency with optimised options

As such, Systemair delivered two Geniox On units to the Mango store premises.

The solution was chosen for being an optimised unit with a reduced footprint. In addition, to meet this requirement, the unit has been designed with vertical construction.

The Geniox On was also chosen because it has a flow rate of 7,000 m3/h and complies with ERP eco-design regulations.

The units in the MANGO shop in Riccione were supplied with the Systemair Access control system. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is easy and straightforward to manage several air handling units from a single location.

Geniox On offers more flexibility, with the same high efficiency and mechanical performance as the other Geniox units.

The modular design of Geniox On ensures a smaller footprint and reliable operations, along with a wide range of options to suit project requirement

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