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Commercial ventilation

Creating comfortable, well-ventilated indoor environments

The best ventilation is the one you don’t notice

Whether your building’s visitors will stay all day to work, or are casually passing through while shopping, they all share one thing in common: they want to feel welcome and comfortable as soon as they step inside. And clean, fresh, well-ventilated air will give them that feeling.

Systemair has been supplying commercial projects with highly efficient, highly impactful HVAC solutions for over 50 years. Enabling you to deliver comfortable indoor environments without compromising on energy, design, or functionality.

Fully customisable solutions

High efficiency units

Low operational costs

Easy to control

Longer lifecycle

24/7 after-sales support

All our HVAC solutions come certified by the highest product certifications in the global market.

Our research and development teams across the world help ensure our products, and your projects, are future-proof. We aim to have all solutions comply with current, upcoming, and expected regulations in every market, from health and safety requirements through to energy consumption – whether you’re working on a new building or a renovation.

Fredrik Bjurhem
Application Manager AHU/AC | Systemair

Why choose Systemair?

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Efficient operations for faster return on investment

Smart control features mean you can easily adapt your HVAC system’s functionality to meet different levels of occupancy and operating hours – leading to better and faster financial payback times.

Systemair systems are also designed to be easy to maintain and service. This also reduces ongoing operational costs, without compromising on functionality.

Safety is just as important as comfort. To ensure the wellbeing of employees and shoppers across all types of commercial facilities, we provide an array of fire safety products and stairway differential solutions to ensure your project meets stringent safety protocols.

Pablo Varela
Global Product Director | Systemair Group
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Confidently meet – or pass – all expectations

Systemair’s solutions come with the latest and most in-demand certifications in the global market – from meeting building codes and regulations to voluntary energy labelling schemes.

So when you order Systemair HVAC units and products, you can be sure your project will meet everyone’s expectations in excellence and performance.

Our customers around the globe deserve the freedom of choice and freedom of access to the best available HVAC solutions the world has to offer. This is why we are working on leveling the playing field in the global sector by developing more innovative, more sustainable, and more affordable solutions.

Morten Schmelzer
Technical Marketing Director, Head of Public Affairs | Systemair
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Wellbeing starts with high IAQ

Recent studies have shown that the higher the indoor air quality (IAQ) the happier your employees and the happier your shoppers.

All Systemair HVAC solutions come with smart control panels and systems, allowing you or your clients to easily maintain excellent IAQ for smooth business operations all year round.

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No risk of downtime

All Systemair’s HVAC solutions are pre-tested before they are shipped to you, to make sure they will perform as they are meant to when they are installed.

Meaning you can confidently continue with business as usual, knowing there is no risk of downtime to your clients, or their employees, visitors, and shoppers.

Geniox, Geniox offers ideal energy saving and low operational cost, with a long lifetime and the least impact on the environment.
Geniox offers ideal energy saving and low operational cost, with a long lifetime and the least impact on the environment.
Geniox Core
Geniox Go
Geniox VOClean
Pamir, Stylish and installation-flexible air curtains.
Stylish and installation-flexible air curtains.
Pamir 2500
Pamir 3500
Pamir 4200
Arden, Energy-efficient recessed air curtains for perfect indoor environments.
Energy-efficient recessed air curtains for perfect indoor environments.
Arden 3500
Arden 4200
SYSQUARE, Cassettes