Experience fresh air in a truly sustainable way

Systemair Group’s exhibition concept sets industry standards in terms of sustainability, design, and customer experience.

Sustainability based on facts, not colours.

In line with our 50th anniversary in 2024, we have rolled out an all-new exhibition concept worldwide across all Systemair brands. It carefully considers changing market preferences in a post-pandemic world – defining new standards regarding reusability, modularity and (digital) customer experiences.

Our exhibition concept allows you to experience fresh and well-filtered air in a truly sustainable manner, attaching a strong focus to the aspects of brand building, networking and (digital) customer experience.

Our company's commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency and Green VentilationTM is evident across all processes and booth elements, based on verifiable facts – and not just the colour green.

Highly modular, globally reusable.

Real wood and natural materials are selected over synthetic alternatives.

Modular, reusable furniture and technology elements are at the core of all stands, whether small or very large, and a key feature of our sustainability concept.

Industry-leading (digital) solutions.

Select and, if applicable, Green VentilationTM products, solutions, and applications are showcased, adding true value for our customers. Digital booth elements and experiences reflect our focus on providing industry-leading digital solutions that support our customers. We simplify, reducing print elements and giveaways to a minimum.

Look & Feel

Everything follows a purpose

Each element of our stands has a purpose. For example, a door doesn’t have to be simply a door, but can be a means to showcase the energy-efficient functioning of an air curtain.

Open and inviting design

Our booths are open and inviting, providing space for you to network and explore select products, applications, and digital solutions.

Brand building, networking, and digital experiences

Aspects that find themselves at the core of our design concept, acknowledging post-pandemic realities and evolving customer preferences. Advanced digital elements highlight our forward-thinking approach and technology evolutions.

Scandinavian aesthetic

We feature a Scandinavian aesthetic with clean lines, simple forms, and natural materials. Real wood elements are prevailing, creating a warm, welcoming, and natural atmosphere.

Our exhibitions are now harmonised across all Systemair companies globally. This enables us, for example, to share, reuse and refurbish all major stand elements for years to come. They are designed with a Scandinavian approach, creating a liberal space that focuses on openness, lightness, and a sense of community.

Morten Schmelzer
Morten Schmelzer
Head of Group Public Affairs, Technical Marketing Director

Sustainability & Green Ventilation

Genuinely sustainable booth furniture

Our stands include thought-through, multi-purpose, easy-to-assemble furniture modules scalable to all stand sizes. They are designed to be as reusable as possible across Systemair brands worldwide while including materials that make them easy to refurbish to ensure a consistent, high-quality appearance.

Less print, more lightboxes, and screens

Print elements are reduced to a minimum, reducing paper and plastic waste. They are replaced by standardised, energy-efficient LED lightboxes or (touch)screens that seamlessly integrate into our furniture modules. Giveaways are reduced to a minimum and limited to items that create long-lasting customer value.

Regional stand building and logistics

To ensure the highest level of reusability, our stands are served from a set of regional, strategically located storage facilities, allowing for an efficient shipment of standardised booth elements and product exhibits worldwide while ensuring a low transport CO2 footprint.

Green Ventilation product exhibits

Whenever applicable, Systemair exhibits at tradeshows carry our Green VentilationTM benchmark, fulfilling globally recognised, hands-on sustainability requirements based on verifiable criteria.

Experience our new stand concept at tradeshows across the globe

Systemair, Fantech, Frico, Menerga and SagiCofim are by your side at major exhibitions worldwide, starting with Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) in Italy and ACREX in India.