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Efficiency & Performance

Empowering the Worldwide Retrofit Movement: The Significance of Quality Fans

Thomas Urban, Product Area Director, Fans & Accessories, Systemair Group, discusses what it means to have Systemair fans with the Green Ventilation label and how it can positively contribute to the broader retrofit trends and projects.

Escaping the rust belt

The persistent use of belt-driven fans despite the availability of more sustainable solutions in the market.

All you need to know about: Energy Recovery

An overview of the assets and drawbacks of the most common heating and cooling recovery methods in air handling units (AHUs).
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All you need to know about precision-controlled airflow

Systemair experts outline the advantages and disadvantages of different airflow velocity measurement methods
Filter Eurovent Energy

How to select the correct AHU Filter

Unravelling misinformation surrounding the air filter selection for air handling units (AHUs).