Borea, Ceiling Air Valves

Borea Ceiling Air Valves

Adjustable valve for airflow control in a range of environments

  • Versatile

  • Adjustable Grille 

  • Targeted Airflow 

  • Direct Installation

Direct Installation

The Borea is simple to fit into the duct. The seal ensures it remains airtight. 

Adjustable Grille

The adjustable front grille allows for the regulation and direction of the airflow for maximum comfort. 

Versatile Use

The Borea can be installed on either walls or ceilings depending on requirements.

The Borea is a smart way to adjust the airflow into a room for maximum comfort. The valve can be installed both onto the ceiling and wall and is simple to fit into the duct and can be pushed directly into a DN125 pipe or DN125 collar. 

An adjustable front grille makes it simple to regulate the airflow. When used in supply mode this can be adjusted for targeted airflow. The Borea is made entirely of white polystyrene and consists of a basic body, a plate lock and a front grille. It facilitates effective and adjustable ventilation in a wide range of different contexts. 

The Borea can be used with an air volume controller fitted inside the duct. In blowing mode, the distance to the Borea must be at least three times the diameter. In extract mode, the distance to the Borea must be at least once the diameter.