Remote and local control of SAVE units

  • Quick installation and initial setup

  • Local WEB interface for configuration and control on site

  • Mobile APP for remote control

  • SAVE PRO platform for SAVE device fleet management

  • Remote service of units and filter purchase

  • Automatic software updates

Simple installation

Use your smartphone to effortlessly establish a wireless connection with SAVE CONNECT and complete the initial setup.

Remote control via APP

Download the SAVE CONNECT mobile app to control your SAVE unit from anywhere. Enjoy full control, monitoring and configuration at your fingertips.

Remote technical support

Connect to SAVE PRO platform for partners and gain access to remote technical support, troubleshooting assistance and the ability to monitor both your own and your clients' devices with ease.

Stay updated

Stay up-to-date with the latest software updates to keep your SAVE unit running smoothly with all the newest functions and features.

Local access for installers

Installers can now easily configure, troubleshoot and control SAVE units using the built-in web interface. No need for an internet connection or mobile app - all you need is a mobile device with a web browser.


SAVE CONNECT Cloud enabling the customer to remotely and locally control the save unit and manage unit configuration.

  • Mobile APP for remote control of SAVE unit

  • Local WEB interface for SAVE unit configuration and control on site

  • SAVE PRO platform for SAVE device fleet management

  • Smart Home integrations (Amazon, Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT)

Mobile APP

The SAVE CONNECT mobile application offers full unit control and remote configuration functionality. The APP completely eliminates the need for additional control panels

Local control

Connect to unit using your mobile device or laptop over WLAN (WiFi) for easy commissioning or control of the SAVE unit. No internet required


Professional user can monitor, commissioning and control their own and client SAVE units remotely using free BMS like portal

Smart Home

Link your SAVE unit to third party Smart Home platforms (Amazon, Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT)


Remote service of SAVE units and filter purchase