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Kits for differential pressure systems

Successfully tested according to EN 12101-6:2022-11

Reliable safety made in Germany

Not only for fleeing individuals, smoke gases pose the greatest threat in the event of a fire. They also endanger and hinder the rescue teams. Electronic staircase pressurisation systems offer the highest level of fire protection. They ensure your safety when it counts and are crucial for saving lives and fast firefighting. To achieve this, the entire system must function properly and reliably.

This is guaranteed by the successful testing of our kits according to EN 12101-6:2022-11. As of October 2023, our German subsidiary is the first and only German manufacturer offering kits tested according to this standard.

Your benefits

Tested and reliable safety

Safety of the people in the building is the top priority. With a Systemair differential pressure system, you can be sure that smoke-free escape and rescue routes are guaranteed in the event of a fire.

Transparency and trust

Due to the testing of our kits in accordance with EN 12101-6:2022-11, you know exactly what you are getting when you use Systemair components in your project. You can also be sure that you can rely on them to function perfectly

Forward-looking products

By implementing this standard, we are taking on a pioneering role and ensuring that our system is also equipped for future developments in the standards.

Smooth project handling

As the kits are optimised for the intended application conditions, selection is straightforward. This also simplifies the smooth acceptance of the systems.

The kits

A total of four tested kits are available for different applications. The kits form the core of the overall system and are not available separately. Depending on the size and scope of the project, they can be extended to include control cabinets for the control system, dampers, smoke extraction dampers, field devices and other components. Below you will find an overview of the available kits. Detailed information on the standard and the kits can be found in our whitepaper. 

RDA 1 SK 1

The kit RDA1 is used with natural outflow and for purge ventilation systems. It consists of an axial supply air fan, a frequency converter with braking resistor and a pressure sensor.

RDA 1 SK 2

This kit is largely identical to RDA 1 SK1. Additionally, it was tested using an air curtain to compensate for an open exit door from the staircase to the outside.


The kit RDA 2 is used for differential pressure systems with mechanical outflow. Similar to RDA 1, the supply air is generated using an axial fan with frequency converter, braking resistor and pressure sensor.


The RDA 3 kit is used for differential pressure systems with mechanical outflow. It is similar to the RDA 2 kit but uses a radial exhaust fan in F600 instead of an axial one.


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