F-C2_OF Circular Fire Dampers

Overflow Cartridge Fire Damper

  • Performance up to 2 hours

  • One product fits several resistivities

  • Wall elements are part of the damper delivery

  • Designed for air transfer

  • Possibility to order with or without duct

  • Saving up installation space and easy to install

  • Small diameters

  • No power needed

  • Easy inspection via the air terminal device

Fire dampers are passive fire protection and are designed to utilize compartmentalization to prevent the spread of toxic gases, smoke and fire. By default, F-C2 fire dampers are only supplied with spring loaded activation. In case of fire, the fire damper closes automatically when the temperature of the air in the duct reaches 72°C. The F-C2 damper closes after the melting of the thermal fuse. After the closing of the damper blade, it is mechanically locked in the closed position and can only be opened manually. The inspection can be performed via the air terminal device. F-C2-OF is equipped with wall elements (BOR-S, OV-R, KM) on both sides. It is suitable for air transfer between fire compartments.