AXCBFAxial Fans

Bifurcated axial fan for high temperature extraction

  • Up to 200°C

  • Bifurcated casing

  • Performance tested


The bifurcated build of the AXCBF range is designed for the extraction of dirty, humid and hot air up to 200°C.

Sturdy and dependable design

Corrosion-proof aluminum impellers, IE3 high-efficiency motors and a hot-dip galvanized steel casing ensure high quality and a long life time.

Tested according to ISO 5801 and AMCA 210

The AXC axial fans have been performance tested in accordance with ISO 5801 and AMCA 210 standards on the Systemair fan test rig.

Select AXCBF in the Systemair Configurator

Step 1: Open the "Series" menu.

Step 2: Select 200°C.

If an operating point is specified, the AXCBF fans are displayed for you.

Systemair Configurator for axial fans

Our AXCBF axial fans are available in our selection programme.


The bifurcated casing is made from hot-dip galvanised steel according to ISO 1461 with pre-drilled flanges. The terminal box with IP 65 is mounted outside on the  casing.


The impellers are made of aluminum and are dynamically balanced in accordance with ISO 21940-11, balancing quality G6,3, and vibration limits according to ISO 14694.


Standard models are driven by three-phase AC motors with efficiency IE3 suitable for 50Hz.

The motor is outside the airflow.

Motor protection

The motors are equipped with PTC thermistors for motor protection.


Motors can be speed controlled by frequency inverter between 10 and 60 Hz.


The AXCBF fans can be installed in different positions indoor and outdoor (for more information see the manual).

Recommended accessories: flexible connections, vibration dampers, mounting feet.