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Topvex False Ceiling Units

The compact Topvex False Ceiling range

Topvex FC units solve the space problem
Since in most buildings floorspace is at a premium, our innovative Topvex false ceiling units are a cost-effective, space-saving choice for a comfortable indoor climate. Easy to select on our website, Topvex are suitable for premises from 300 to 1,500 square meters and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Good energy efficiency and low running costs
Topvex ceiling units are quipped with counterflow heat exchangers. They offer good energy efficiency and low running costs, and have all the power you need.

Easy installation
Their compact, flat design allows easy installation in ceiling voids and transporting them through doors and corridors poses no problems.

Access control system with wireless communication
The Topvex FC range features Systemair’s Access control system with wireless communication. Connect, configure and control the Topvex units via an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet. It is not necessary to physically reach the AHU to interact with it. This also makes installation and start-up easier.


To select, install and control

Simple selection and installation. Easy to connect configure and control via our latest Access control system – now with wireless communication!


Short lead times, fast delivery

Wide range of standardised units available for fast delivery. Can be installed and started up quickly.


Small footprint, big performance

Easy to fit or retrofit into the building. Minimum space required. Smooth delivery. Sustainability in all aspects of packaging, delivery and logistics.

Access control system with wireless communication

Systemair Access is the common platform for all Topvex models. Its intuitive, easy-to-navigate menus will help you create the perfect indoor climate.

  • A plug-and-play concept, it reduces installation, set-up, and start-up time, quickly putting you in full control of your Topvex units.

  • Modbus communication to all internal components simplifies cabling and wiring inside the unit. Multiple units can be connected to a cloud service for complete overview and accessibility.

  • With wireless communication. Installed in the ceiling void, the AHU can be connected, configured and controlled via an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Energy efficiency in focus

Good energy efficiency, impressively low noise level
Increasing energy efficiency in our products is at the top of our list of priorities. We achieve this without compromising on performance and with the smallest possible footprint. Our Topvex FC range is:

  • Designed for very low SFP and convenient pressure in
    the duct systems

  • Low energy use of the fan gives good performance in terms of energy efficiency

  • Low running costs

  • Casing with 30 mm insulation and hatches with 50 mm insulation, keeps noise level low

  • Avoids disturbing inhabitants or visitors to the building

  • Heat exchangers with low pressure drop and high heat recovery

  • EC fans with high efficiency and low energy consumption

  • Proper filtration ensures good indoor air quality

Shutterstock 556083889 Systemair Configurator

Choose the right air handling unit for your project

Use the Systemair Configurator to help you select the right Topvex air handling unit.

You can access all data, BIM-models and documentation before you place your order!

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