Multi-nozzle diffuser for installation on the circular ventilation duct.

  • Excellent Air Induction 

  • Quiet Operation 

  • Adaptable Use 

  • Easy Installation 


CAP-RD has a flexible field of applications for ventilation in industrial or public spaces with exposed ventilation ducts. 

Ergonomic Design

The CAP-RD is made from galvanised steel and has an ergonomic design for adaptable installation. 

Adjustable Air-Flow Pattern

Nozzle rotation allows for the airflow pattern to be adjusted to suit particular needs. 

CAP-RD is a multi-nozzle diffuser designed to be installed on a circular ventilation duct. It’s principally intended for air supply and can also be used for air extraction. Available in different sizes, it is frequently deployed as ventilation in industrial or public spaces with exposed ventilation ducts. Nozzle rotation allows for a flexible airflow pattern to suit the particular needs of the environment and its users. The nozzles can be rotated by 360°. 

The CAP-RD has a compact, ergonomic design and is made from galvanised steel. It is composed of the front diffuser plate formed to match the circular duct shape, with polymer nozzles and a rear perforated airflow equalising box. The diffuser can be attached to the duct by screws. The diffuser is finished in white powder paint in signal seal stripes. Other colours are available upon request. 

Your order, your style!

Our product is customizable to your preferences, allowing you to order it with any RAL code surface finish to perfectly match your aesthetic vision