Multi-nozzle diffuser for comfort ventilation systems

  • Directionally adjustable 

  • Compact design 

  • Excellent air induction 

  • High airflow capacity

Versatile adjustability

CAP-G is a ceiling diffuser with directionally adjustable nozzles that enables functionality in a vast range of operating modes. 

Flush mounting

The CAP-G multi-nozzle diffuser has been specially designed for flush mounting in a false ceiling. 

High airflow capacity

The CAP-G multi-nozzle diffuser provides high airflow capacity combined with a low noise operation and moderate pressure drop. 

CAP-G is a versatile multi-nozzle diffuser with a backing box. Available in different sizes, it is mainly intended for air supply in comfort ventilation systems in offices, shops, medical rooms, school classrooms and similar. It is designed for flush-mounted installation in a plasterboard false ceiling. The diffuser has directionally adjustable nozzles that enable functionality in a range of operation modes such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, single or multi-directional and swirl for both cooling and heating. It is suitable for installation at heights up to 4m. The diffuser has a compact design for discreet installation. 

The diffuser face can be removed to provide access to the duct system for easy cleaning and service. Pulling the front plate one step from the main body creates an air gap around the diffuser that increases the flow capacity. The diffuser is made from a powder paint-coated galvanised steel sheet. The nozzles are made from ABS plastics. The diffuser plate is adjustable and attached to the base with a circular tight connection. 

Your order, your style!

Our product is customizable to your preferences, allowing you to order it with any RAL code surface finish to perfectly match your aesthetic vision