CAP-FNozzle Diffusers

T-bar ceiling diffuser with multiple individually adjustable nozzles.

  • High airflow capacity with low sound level.

  • Nozzles in the diffuser plate can be adjusted by a full 360°.

  • Compact design perfect for T-bar false ceilings such as in offices, shops, medical rooms, and classrooms.

Diffuse air everywhere

Each nozzle in the diffuser plate can rotate up to 360°. Giving you the ability to change the airflow direction to meet the changing needs of any indoor environment.

Slim, compact design

CAP-F multi-nozzle diffusers are designed to fit neatly and simply into false ceiling installations. For wonderfully effective yet wonderfully discreet air distribution.

Quick delivery

CAP-F multi nozzle diffusers are available to be shipped to you immediately. So you can get them installed and commissioned without delay.

The CAP-F multi-nozzle diffuser is an effective and versatile option with ergonomic features and a compact design. Available in a range of sizes, it has been designed primarily for air support in comfort ventilation systems for offices, shops, medical rooms and school classrooms. It allows for easy installation in a T-bar false ceiling. 

Made from galvanised steel, it consists of a backing box with a vertically oriented rubber gasket sealed circular connection and a diffuser plate with polymer nozzles, attached by spring clips. The nozzles allow for 360° rotation in the plane of the diffuser plate. This allows for achieving the desired air discharge pattern. The backing box frame has dimensions to fit into the T-bar false ceiling either with raster 600 mm or 625 mm. The unit combines high airflow capacity and effectiveness, with low sound level and moderate pressure drop, making it suitable for use in environments where noise levels need to be controlled. 

Your order, your style!

Our product is customizable to your preferences, allowing you to order it with any RAL code surface finish to perfectly match your aesthetic vision


The backing box is made from galvanised steel with a vertically oriented, rubber gasket-sealed circular connection. The removable diffuser plate with nozzles is attached to the backing box.


Nozzles are made from polymer and can be rotated by 360° in the diffuser plate.