CAP-CNozzle Diffusers

Multi-nozzle diffuser for effective air supply

  • Versatile 

  • Low Noise 

  • Compact

  • High Air-Flow Capacity 


Cap-C is a highly versatile, multi-nozzle diffuser with adjustability for air discharge patterns. 

High Air-Flow Capacity

The Cap-C provides considerable air-flow capacity in comfort ventilation systems for offices, shops, medical rooms and school classrooms.

Excellent Air Induction

The Cap-C offers consistent air induction and mixing in a range of settings even with small airflow volumes. 

CAP-C is a versatile and adaptive, multi-nozzle diffuser designed for air supply in comfort ventilation systems. Available in a range of sizes, it provides an effective solution for offices, shops, medical rooms and school classrooms, and is installed in open spaces under the ceiling. 

The CAP-C is compact in size, made from galvanised steel and is composed of a plenum box with a sidewards oriented rubber gasket sealed circular connection and a diffuser plate with polymer nozzles, attached by permanent magnets. 

CAP-C allows for flexible use with the proper directional adjustment of the individual nozzles creating the desired air discharge pattern. An airflow adjustment damper and the airflow measurement probe tappings for air supply and extract are located on the connection spigot. They can be easily accessed from outside allowing for measurement and adjustment without the need to dismantle the diffuser. A thread nut located in the upper part of the plenum box facilitates fixing on the suspended thread bar. 

Your order, your style!

Our product is customizable to your preferences, allowing you to order it with any RAL code surface finish to perfectly match your aesthetic vision