Multi-nozzle diffuser for installation in walls

  • Precise air discharge pattern adjustability

  • Easy commissioning

  • Pressure drop/airflow adjustment damper


CAP-B is a highly versatile, multi-nozzle diffuser with adjustability for air discharge patterns. 

Built-in Damper

CAP-B comes with an integrated damper for regulating pressure drop and airflow

CAP-B is a multi-nozzle diffuser. It is mainly intended for air supply and can be used for air extract as well. The product is installed into walls, most often in offices, health care premises, and schools. Its airflow direction can be changed by adjusting the nozzles.

CAP-B is manufactured from galvanized steel. The product consists of a plenum box casing, a V-shaped damper, a telescopic front wall frame and a front panel with adjustable polymer nozzles. The product has a duct connection on the rear side, which is equipped with an EPDM gasket. The V-shaped damper has a discrete positioning and a fixing mechanism. The telescopic front frame is adaptable for different wall thicknesses.

Your order, your style!

Our product is customizable to your preferences, allowing you to order it with any RAL code surface finish to perfectly match your aesthetic vision